Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blue Rider

"Blue Rider"

Blue Rider is a blast. It is a retro arcade game that takes you back to the days of games like "Star Force", "Life Force", and "Xevious". You are a spaceship that makes its way along blasting everything in your way. The levels are full of really cool enemies, and even cooler bosses. You only have one man, but you can pick up extra men, as well as continue from same level you didn't complete. The best thing to do is learn the level, take your time, and stay alive.If you do so you will be rewarded, because as you go you pick up very helpful upgrades. They make you stronger, but you lose them when you die. Sort of like in "Abadox" if anyone remembers that NES classic? The final boss is the same on every level, except he makes him self harder by changing his form, and making you learn how to defeat him. It is really cool to see every time just what you will face, and learn his attack patterns.
Blue Rider is a really challenging game. That makes it so much more fun. Your not going to blow right through it more than likely. I found myself repeating multiple levels. All the levels are well designed, very retro like. Loaded with enemies firing bullet after bullet at you to dodge. It really takes you back to a different time in gaming. All you older gamers who loved their NES and SNES will fall right in love with this one. Everything about it runs smooth, experienced no issues with this game right from launch. I also had a blast from start to finish. The look the feel, everything felt classic to me. I love spaceship action shooters. I loved Aegis Wings on the 360 and been hoping the One would bring something like that along, and so far this is as close as you get to that.
The one thing missing from this game in my opinion is Coop play. Would have been a lot of fun blasting through all nine stages with a buddy. Sort of like in "Jackal" that is really the only thing I really was missing with this one. Maybe it will come later in the form of an update, fingers crossed. The music is awesome, the levels are beautiful. Some of the best looking graphics I've seen this Gen in a arcade indie game. I really suggest you grab this one if you love old school games, or if you been looking at it , and thinking about it. It is definitely worth the price.

Pros: Beautiful environments
Cool soundtrack to the action
Challenging level design, and enemies
Radical looking enemies and bosses
Very retro arcade feel, instant classic

Cons: Would have been a blast to play coop, even if just couch.

Overall: 8.5 An amazing trip back to the day of the overhead space shooter. A must have for old school gamers.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

"The Bug Butcher"

"The Bug Butcher"
In the Bug Butcher you are a exterminator named Harry, whose job is to clear the alien bugs from a research facility. You do this by shooting your blaster straight up towards the ceiling. Enemies crawl across the ceiling, as well as bounce high above you. As you kill them they drop loot on the floor which you pick up by walking over it. You can pick up coins to purchase upgrades, as well as health and different power ups. You do not keep these after your current play through. Also some of the things you unlock you don't get right away either. It is one of those challenging games that you must tackle in one play sort of like The Binding Of Issac. That really is no problem, because it can be beat in just a few hours.
Another fun thing about it is you can play with a friend in coop mode if you wish. There are also difficulty settings in case your struggling. Could happen easy, because it is definitely a challenge.
Everything plays well, experienced no glitches. The controls are really spot on. The level design is done really well to make you work hard to beat each one all 30 of them. They are also very bright and colorful. All of the enemies are really original , and fun. The game reminds me a lot of Super Mutant Alien Assault or the classic Xenophobe. I kind of wish these guys made it more like that where you didn't just shoot straight up, because it can get really one dimensional, and repetitive Still a blast with friend, and fun to come back to time to time. So the replay value is there, especially for a indie arcade title.
If your into arcade space shooters "space Invaders" and "Galaga" style you will really enjoy this one. These guys did a really nice job modernizing that type of gameplay.
Pros: Bright colorful levels
Fast paced action
Smooth Controls
Tons of replay
Fun Coop mode
Cons: Tad short
Repetitive at times
Overall: 8.3 An addictive arcade shooter, with a very classic style perfectly modernized.
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Monday, October 17, 2016

Gears of War 4

"Gears of War 4"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen

Gears of War franchise, is probably one of my most favorite of my gaming history. I still remember the day I brought home my first Xbox 360, and fired up the multiplayer. Running and splashing water on Canals. Watching the bullets make the water splash, as they hit. There is just something about Gears of War online, that just sticks with you. It is rewarding, because it isn't easy like Call Of Duty, Or Halo to get a kill. I have witnessed people not get their first kill until they have played multiple games. I've seen it actually make people quit playing it, for the same reason. Once you get it down though your hooked. It has a very serious fan base, of people who really just love it and some that play nothing else. I know the first two years I had a 360 i didn't play much of anything else. To some people gridlock is a new map, to those people that have been around since the start it is something else. There is a reason it has been in every Gears of War game to date, because it was there from the start. It represents everything Gears is online. It can be relentless. Everyone isn't equal. The most powerful weapons are put right there in the middle of the map, now go fight and earn them. It is a race , and battle to get your hands on the Boom Shot , or the Longshot and it feels good when you get them. That is what Gears is all about, and that is why so many love it.
Now for the new Gears you are probably thinking. He has been babbling about the old games for so long , he must not think to much for the new one. You'd be wrong, because I am having a blast with it. it isn't perfect, and the first three are certainly better in my opinion. That doesn't mean it isn't great though. It is still one of the better games in what has been a rather weak generation of games. Where a lot of AAA titles are glitchy, unfinished and unpolished. Gears shows up feeling, and running just like the trilogy before it. The multiplayer is smooth, and crisp. The weapons feel pretty much the same, and they have thrown some really cool weapons into the mix. Some of them take a little getting used to, but feel so good when you get the hang of them. They also bring back the old style matches, but throw a ton of new fun games into the mix. I been having a blast playing the dodgeball game where your eliminated upon death , but revived every a team mate gets a kill. The game ends when an entire team is eliminated. It is a blast.
Now for the Campaign. The campaign can seem a little repetitive at first. Seems like you fight the same enemies over and over, and go through the same scenarios. Before long though you feel like your right back in battle, as Marcus joins the fight. JD Fenix Marcus's son resembles his father a lot. Sounds like him a lot of the time. Him , Marcus, and Del really make a lot of the story comical as they make wise cracks towards each other. it really feels like Gears of old with the commentary between Baird , Cole, And Dom.I hate saying this though the female character Kait really doesn't hit the mark like characters before her like Anya and Sam. Her character is kind of boring, and really doesn't bring much into the story until the end. I know it isn't her voice actors fault Laura Bailey because I have enjoyed her in a bunch of other video game titles like TellTale's Batman. The story is good though, the enemies are really cool a vast range of different things you fight. The last Act is just amazing, leading up to the final boss battle is just so much fun. Feels like Marcus and Dom on Brumak storming the hive all over again. Then kind of sizzles out as it just comes to a stop, without really a challenge at all. The ending is kind of leaves you wanting more, and I guess that is what it is supposed to do, but I felt a lot better after beating the first three. I know this sounds bad, but it really is still worth picking up.It is a excellent introduction to new Gears fans, and hopefully makes them pick up, and play the old ones to see what they missed out on.
Horde Mode is a blast, it is 50 waves again, with Bosses on the 10th waves. Except now you have different classes that all have unique abilities. They can level up, as well as level your equipment up to. It feels a lot harder though, as this game you seem to not absorb as many shots as before. Same with the campaign, you have to pay more attention to what your doing. You really have to fortify well, and play as a unit.
As a whole I really am enjoying every second with this game. As a long time Gears fan, like the original game on launch day I am impressed with the work the team has done without Cliff. It looks and feels like Gears, and it is almost just as fun. I look forward to the sequels, and counting down the days for information on them.
I have heard a lot of complaints about the new crates in multiplayer. I am kind of mixed on it. I don't mind them , because it kind of gives you motivation to keep playing. It gives you something to unlock. I also don't mind them because they don't give any competitive edge. They are merely cosmetic. Then i also kind of hate them , because i feel it is a way to keep cashing kind on gamers. In the history of gears you unlocked characters as you leveled up,now you have to get them in crates which you buy. You can buy them with money you earn in multiplayer games, but to be honest your not really going to get everything you want that way. They are so overpriced either way your buying them. Another thing I kind of feel upset about is the 99.99 version that comes with the season pass. They turned around and made all of the maps free, so it is pretty pointless. They just gave us packs. There is no way in hell I would have spent 40 extra dollars on cosmetics, If I had known this. So that is a let down as well, but still doesn't take away to much of the fun. Won't be the first game this generation to screw us with preorders and season passes. Seems it is becoming the standard to not reward loyalty, but penalize it. I don't know how many season passes i've bought to not get all the content, and have to buy more. Or how many times I paid a fortune for a game, and someone buys its months later, and gets everything at half the price I paid all together on one disc. Companies really need to stop doing this to the fans, that is my biggest complaint so far with the Xbox One and PS4 game developers.

Pros: The level design is on par with the originals
Sounds and music are epic
Multiplayer is fun, and smooth
Have had no issues with glitches
Amazing new weapons added
Some fun characters added to the mix
New enemies are unique, and varied
Tons of replay Value in Multiplayer capturing skins

Cons: Starts of kinda slow
Female lead kind of stale
Ending kind of falls short compared to original titles endings
Season pass kind of a ripoff, and online crates over priced.

Overall: 9.0 A nearly perfect introduction into the Gears franchise, for the future chainsawing and Gnashering fans.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

100 Ways

"100 Ways"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen

100 Ways is a puzzler far different then anything you have played before. it kind of feels like things before it like maybe Marble Madness or Cubot, but it's differences and uniqueness really make it totally different. Your objective is to get from point A to point B using different items in your inventory likes ramps and springs. The problem is you have a limited amount of them, and the levels are riddled with multiple traps that end your progress. Some levels require a ton of thought, and planning. There are also over 100 levels, so your going to spend a lot of hours trying to figure your way thru it. That really pretty much sums up 100 Ways. There isn't a lot to explain about it, except for the point that it is a lot of fun. The Challenge is certainly there for fans of puzzlers, but no to the point where you throw in the towel, and give up. The vast amount of levels, also makes this game really worth the pricetag applied to it. You will spend a lot of hours on this one, and I I also see you coming back to it as well.
I can't think of many negatives for this game, so this will prob be one of my shorter reviews. Everything about the game works, and makes it a pleasure to play. The controls, the music, the challenge, the replay value, all add up to a a good time. Reminds me of my younger years playing the game "Mouse Trap" with friends. It just has that feeling to it, if they could of added a multiplayer type mode could seen a lot of people enjoying that as well. Even without that though "!00 Ways" is a blast, and one of those games you shouldn't miss out on, especially if you love puzzles and Rube Goldberg type things. It really feels like an accomplishment when you get the ball into the final flag hole, and it is so fun watching it work its way there.

Pros: Brilliant level design
A real challenge
Fun music and sounds
Tons of levels and replay value

Cons: Kind of missed out on fun Coop Or Multiplayer challenge

Overall: 8.1 Tons of puzzling fun, that feels rewarding and awesome to watch develop at the same time.

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Castle Invasion: Throne Out

Castle Invasion: Throne Out
Reviewed by: Carless Yen

Castle Invasion: Throne Out is a Tower Defense game with a large amount of content, but with a very small price tag. Four dollars and and Ninety Nine cents gets you hours and hours of fun on Xbox Live. You must protect the castle walls, while waves and waves of enemies attack. 50 levels of enemies to be exact. Tons of different types of baddies as well, all with different abilities to make protecting the castle gates a difficult. They also have different weaknesses as well, meaning you must use all the different weapons in your arsenal. All the weapons can be upgraded by using coins enemies drop on the battlefield. You must shoot the coins to snatch them up, but they drop a lot so you won't struggle upgrading your favorite weapon. The Bow, Crossbow, Spear, whatever you enjoy using all can be upgraded, as well as your character. You can speed him up on his feet, or how fast he uses his weapons.
I know it sounds like it would be repetitive 50 waves of enemies over and over, but there are different things thrown in there as you go like speed rounds, as well as some really cool bosses that are fun to fight, and figure out. When i say figure out i'm talking about learning the ways to defeat them, as they have different weaknesses just like the enemies. I really enjoyed all the different boss battles, and they all were designed so cleverly. All the characters were really. I enjoyed this game so much. Full of hilarious moments, bright and colorful level and character designs, and whimsical music made it all a delight to play.
What is best is just the price tag really. It is just so much bang for the buck. It is one of those games you just sit in a party with friends playing while you talk, or late at night when you really don't want to get into something that is going to take a lot of effort and thought. It is just a fun game to chill to. I find myself turning it on, and playing even after I have beat it multiple times. It's just a fun and simple game, I highly recommend to people that get into games like that. People who love tower defense and cute little indie games will fall in love with this I'm sure.

Pros: Delightful characters, and comical story.
Smooth Controls
Tons of content for the price
Easy fun, but tricky challenges

Cons: Repetitive at times, but can always come back to it.

Overall: 7.9 Hours and Hours of Tower Defense fun for the price of a fast food combo meal.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

"Eventide: A Slavic Fable"

"Eventide: A Slavic Fable"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Eventide: A Slavic Fable is a (hidden object) point and click puzzler just like you come to expect from Artifex Mundi. As usual it also delivers for fans of the genre. In this title you play as a young Botanist who goes to heritage park to see her grandmother. The adventure begins when the grandmother is kidnapped by a evil character named Boruta. This happening takes you on a delightful adventure through the beautiful park, full of magical creatures. The story delivers, it is fun and comical from start to finish. Only thing is it seems to end rather quickly. In my opinion this may have been the shortest game so far they have released. I was left wanting a little more, but that is only because I was having such a good time with it. The puzzles seemed to be more difficult, and like it was harder to find the things needed to advance you a long in the story. There seemed to be a lot less puzzles then usual though. There was also a little Deja Vu in the lowering of the bridge puzzle, because had done the same thing before in I believe "Nightmares of the Deep". That being said though it doesn't really take anything away from the story or fun in this game.
The game design like always is just beautiful and amazingly drawn. The characters really cool, and well voice acted. The sounds and music, once again perfect and fit right along in the magical story. The controls spot on, and smooth. If you have played and enjoyed their games in the past, then this one delivers the same type quality you have enjoyed from them in the past. If your new to Artifex Mundi games, and enjoy hidden object games, or PC type point and click titles you will with out a doubt enjoy their library of games. We have reviewed a ton of these games, and they always seem to bring the same type of quality every time. So for everyone of the ones we have played, have no problem recommending to anyone wondering about the series of games. For more information on this title, and other Artifex Mundi games check out: https://www.facebook.com/artifexmundi/
Pros: Beautifully drawn environment and characters
Challenging yet fun puzzles
Delightful voice acting, and sounds
Charming story, and characters
Cons: A tad short
Couple of puzzles we've visited before.
Overall: 7.3 Another fun and charming point and click hidden object game from Artifex Mundi.