Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Dead Effect 2"

"Dead Effect 2"
Reviewed By: Carless

Dead effect 2 is a first person shooter with RPG elements. When doing reviews, I always check out what other people think, and get an idea what i am in store for. What I read wasn't good at all. I was kind of dreading getting into the game, and kind of stalled on it a bit. I knew it started as a Android game, that already usually isn't a good sign. I have seen so many bad ports from these type of games to the Xbox Marketplace already. Most of the reviews I kind of agreed with at first. All the negatives were there at the start. I base a review though on an entire play through, some times multiple ones. As I continued to play it grew and grew on me. It got to the point where I realized most of these reviewers didn't play this game very long, and give it a real chance.
Dead Effect 2 just gets better and better as it goes. It never really becomes an amazing game, but it isn't a bad game either. it really doesn't deserve the negativity it receives. For what this game is I really think it is quite addictive, and a lot of fun. Like most RPGs as you go your weapons and armour just continue to improve. Your always looking for that best piece, or that best gun. Do I want to waste my money upgrading this one? Or Wait? it provides that RPG feel from start to finish. It feels like the loot just never stops pouring in. Your always finding a more awesome weapon to use, or a stronger one. Trying to decide do I like the feel of this one over this one,even though its more powerful? That is where the charm lies in dead Effect 2. From ball bats, to ninja swords, to giant ass guns that blow the crap out of everything. You'll never want to stop killing hordes of zombies, testing your new weapons. Bows, Crossbows, Lazer, heavy machine guns it is just a blast.
The levels are pretty well designed, and there are 4 achievements for everyone, and different ways to play them so the replay is certainly there. There is really a lot to this game, and the campaign can take well over 10 hours even if your just trying to blow through it. So it certainly isn't short. You get your money's worth with Dead Effect 2. I really found myself hooked, and excited about what lies ahead. The characters were well voice acted, and the story was good as I went a long. It had so much to just be a port. When i finally battled what was a pretty tough final boss, I really expected a cool ending to the story, but I Just get a Congrats screen, thanking me for playing. Almost felt like NES days and Ghostbusters all over. But least in dead Effect they spelt it right. I know you original Nintendo fans remember Conglaturations? Back on topic, they even throw in a game trailer for a upcoming game where a ending cutscene would be to tease me. I was like okay here we go, and then boom its just a ad.
Despite that though I still played some old levels over again for achievements, and new weapons. So they still had me hooked with the basic format of the game. It really felt a lot of the time like i was playing a retro shooter like Doom, Quake, or Dead Space. I feel like they were maybe inspired by titles like this, and I think they did a great job of capturing it, especially considering the games original platform. I think it is worth your time , and money. I think it deserves a chance to prove itself to you, and I think it will win your heart like it did me. This isn't a AAA game by no means, but it certainly isn't as bad as the things I've read about it. Give it a try , and let me know what you think.

Pros: Really awesome Weapons
Very cool characters.Comical voice acting, and writing
Tons of unlockables, and replay value
Addictive RPG elements
A lot of bad ass enemies, and bosses
Cool Achievements

Cons: Ending Sucked
Laggy, and glitchy at times
Would have liked an achievement menu start of level.

Overall 7.4 Dead Effect grows on you, while it delivers hours upon hours of looting, and zombie slaying.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Faces of Illusion: The Twin Phantom"

Faces of Illusion: The Twin Phantom"
Reviewed by: Kyra M. Freeland
Faces of Illusion you play as a young woman who writes for the daily paper. You go to this big premier to write an article on it and to get an interview with the leading star. As the show starts you meet her brother who promises the interview. Then as the show starts the lead star gets kidnapped. During the journey of this fun game you have to gather clues, complete a series of fun puzzles. It all leads to you helping save the star of the Show. But at the end there is a big twist that even i didn't see coming. I don't want to give to much away and ruin it for you guys. Most games like this seem to get old and reoccurring but with all the fun mini games there was to play while in the actual game to unlock puzzles and pieces was nice. Kept me entertained.
Pros: Really good for working the brain
Great narrative and voice explanations
Great story that pulls you from beginning to end
Music and background really set the mood of the game and really gives a great picture of the times this game occurred.
Cons: Short, Some parts where tricky and wasn't a lot of in game help
Overall: 7 Great brain teaser and puzzle game as well a great story. Not top 5 of games i like but still was an amazing and fun game. Had an amazing time figuring it out.

Toby: The Secret Mine

"Toby: The Secret Mine"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen

Toby was inspired by Limbo so if you enjoy that great game we figure you will this one as well. They aren't completely the same though. Toby kind of pulls back a little bit being a little less difficult then Limbo. It still isn't easy, there are a few parts that will make you think a little bit. The animation and level design are pretty much one in the same though. The dark gloomy surroundings hide traps, and secrets from you.
Toby is the hero of the game, and who you play as. His town was raided and everyone kidnapped by a large character the resembles you as well. He sort of comes off as a demon, especially in your final battle with him. Your mission is to chase him, while solving multiple puzzles to advance towards him. There are 25 of your friends you must find a long the way hidden in cages. There is an achievement or trophy for doing so. The puzzles are pretty simple, and don't make you really get frustrated with them. Overall i really enjoyed the game. it really reminded me of Limbo which i loved. It falls a little short though of capturing all that Limbo does. One thing is it is a little short. You can finish the game in about two hours maybe three if you look around for your hidden friends. There is also multiple endings, that will probably having you repeating the final boss fight. Another thing is I experienced a bunch of glitches. There was a few spots i had to restart the game numerous times to get it to unfreeze. One spot in area 17 if you die you have to reset every time because when you respawn you can't move. had same issue on multiple Consoles so its a issue with the game. I'm sure they will take care of these things with patches, but like to make sure to point them out to anyone thinking of purchase, or for a developer reading this.
Even with all this i still recommend the game to anyone who enjoyed Limbo, Indie/Arcade games, and retro side scrollers. It really is a cute little game with fun story, sounds, and level design. For the short amount of time i spent with it I had a blast. To anyone maybe thinking about grabbing a short game to spend a evening on this is it. Your gonna have a blast with it, I don't see a lot coming back to it to play it over, but for the price I see it as being a fun night of gaming.

Pros: Really adorable characters.
Cool Limbo inspired Level design, much
brighter and colorful though.
Smooth Controls.

Cons: Really Short
Glitchy at times

Overall: 7.4 (If you love Limbo, you are going to at least enjoy this. You can really see the inspiration and influence here. It comes close to accomplishing what Limbo did, but a few flaws keeps it from getting quite there. Still very much worth your time though, a very charming game.)

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

"Rise And Shine"

"Rise And Shine"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen

Rise and Shine never really captured my attention. Although it was beautifully drawn. A very anime cartoon look to it. It was over before I really could get to excited. They did some things right, but a lot more wrong in my opinion. It isn't a bad game don't get me wrong. I think if your looking for a short game to play one evening , and you really don't have much time to game it could be fun. If your looking for something more in depth, and fun it really falls kind of short.
There are tons of jokes, blood and guts, and bullet hell. Kind of feels like Contra meets Castle Crashers. I even kind of struggle with this review, because after hours with it I don't love it, yet I don't hate it . I think it is a good game, I just don't think it is great.
It feels like it is going to be clever , and different but it never really gets anywhere before it comes to a end.I enjoyed my play through, but know I'm never going back to it. The replay value just isn't there, and neither is the real fun. I kind of feel they finished the game, and realized it was short so tried to make it more difficult to make it feel longer.
I think there is a lot of things that would have made this game better. It felt a lot like Metal Slug at times, and capturing their style would have helped. This game being coop, and have lives, instead of starting completely over would have made it a blast. Even if just couch coop the beautiful level design, comedic charm, and blood and guts would have made this a classic side scroller shoot-em up.
The story was good though, and the twists and turns delivered,I really wanted to like this game more. The length of the game, and the respawn mechanic just really ruined it for me. I could see people enjoying it though. I actually did at times, I just think the final result left me wanting and expecting more. It was really a game I looked forward to, and that could have been a reason to. I'm not going to say pass on it, but I can't say I'd recommend it either Im kind of just on the fence with this one. You can tell they put the work into it visually,and mechanically it looks and feels amazing but I just think they tried to do to much when it came time to throw the mechanics together.

Pros: Very comical story writing
Beautiful level and character design
Fun sounds, and music

Cons: Respawn mechanic takes away from fun
Way to short even for Indie title

Overall: 6.8 It isn't a bad game, it just really never gets to what you are expecting. It is a decent game if you have time on your hands, but If you have a lot of other stuff to play it's probably a pass on this one.


Reviewed by: Carless Yen

Nevermind you play as a Neuro-Prober a doctor that is able to get into the minds of his or her patients. They come to you in search of answers. Your job is to find the life changing trauma that has thrown their life out of order. You go in and gather memories, and replay past moments of their lives in search of answers. I hate to give away much when it comes to a story driven master piece such as this so I'll tread cautiously. It is broke down into five completely different patients, each with stories so different from the last. All the stories pretty much have a pretty creepy feel to them except maybe the lady that is battling elderly memory loss. Even if that story isn't as terrifying as the others it isn't any less real feeling, and thought provoking. Every story really makes you think, and draws you in.
One story your a child trying to figure out what happened to your dead father, one your an abused woman well trans battling the thoughts of yourself, like i said before elderly battling memory loss, and so on and so on. The stories are amazing , and so is the design of the game. For a Indie game the level design is beautiful. One of the best looking Indie games to date. It is just beautiful and scary as hell at the same time. The eery locations have a dream like artistic look and feel to them as well. I can see this being a treat visually to everyone who plays it. I really can't say enough about the visuals of this game. The look of the areas you discover are enough to terrify you alone, but when you throw in the very real feeling stories of your patients. It adds up to one of the best horror games I have yet to play on the Xbox One. This and Layers of Fear without any doubt are my two favorite to date.
Most games like this thrive on jump scares, Nevermind barely throws any at you. They deliver psychologically and visually, and that sets them far apart from the others. On PC you can even use biofeedback Camera-based technology to effect the way you play it, I was unable to do so being I played the XBOX One version, but i can see how it would work , and it is a very ground breaking original concept that these guys should be proud of capturing as well. Can't imagine this game on VR hope to try it soon.
If your looking for a horror game that feels somewhat like an anthology this is your game. The many stories feel very Twilight Zone feeling, and the wonderful voice acting thrown in there really makes you feel like your really in the lives of these people, or in a film. I really hope they add more episodes to this title, or a sequel. I'm really not over it yet. I finished it, and i really want more and more. Hope more episodes are on the way. If you love great unforgettable indies, and the horror genre don't miss out on this one.
See more about nevermind @https://www.facebook.com/NevermindGame/

Pros: Terrifying yet, beautiful visuals
Eery sounds and music
Great narrative, and voice acting
Storytelling that pulls you into the game,thought provoking
Not a lot of jump scares, real psychological terror
Biofeedback Camera-based technology

Cons: Short, but more content ahead probably
Overall: 8,8 Instant Cult Indie horror classic, that you don't want to miss out on if your a fan of the genre.