Sunday, December 17, 2017

Lost Grimoires 2

Game: Lost Grimoires 2 -Shard Of Mystery
Reviewed by: Amy

Artifex Mundi knows what they are doing when it comes to seek and find games. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have never liked seek and find games because I always get bored and quit...until now. These games are a mix of critical thinking, trial and error, sometimes frustration followed by satisfaction when you finally figure out the puzzle or mini game.
The storyline is your character is aide to a king who falls ill and passes the throne to his son. Because of your part in helping to raise him, he calls you Auntie. An evil that was once conquered comes back and kidnaps your nephew. It is up to you to find him, free him, and conquer the evil once more.
All the sites and sounds are pretty much what you've come to expect from Artifex Mundi. The same art style, some of the same voice acting, and music and sounds all fit well with the game as a whole. I might have enjoyed the first in the series a bit more, but still the artifex Mundi quality is still there. I've came to expect a good puzzler from them every time. They truly are the best development team in this genre of games.
Pros: Puzzles change and become more difficult as game progresses.
Entertaining throughout, keeps your attention.
Fairy tale-esque story that really delivers as well as the first in the series.

Cons: Short game. Wish was little longer, for better character development
Overall: 7.0 Another stellar puzzler, and point and click from the team at artifex Mundi. If you enjoyed their previous titles you will enjoy this one as well.

Saturday, December 16, 2017


Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Platform: Xbox

I wanted to really like Rememoried, I really did. There actually some things I did quite enjoy like the visuals. I really enjoyed the sounds as well. There is some really beautiful classical music mixed with interesting sounds throughout. besides that there isn't really much else talk in a positive light about when it comes to Rememoried. I don't usually like to use the price of a game when talking about its overall effectiveness. There are some times though let's be honest when the price really more accepting of a flaw, or even makes you enjoy other aspects about it. So for that reason i really can't get honestly say the value is there. I couldn't tell someone to go out and pay fifteen dollars for a game that is possible to beat in 20 minutes, and has little to no replay value. Anyone who reads my reviews knows at times I hate to bash a game. To me it is some ones art, and there is always positive things to find in everyone's attempt at art. Like with this it is just beautiful and unique in so many ways at times. This is one of those games that you honestly have a hard time comparing it to anything else out there. There just isn't enough there though. The puzzles are really easy. You can change the level by spinning in circles. It will move things around. The objective is to find a certain thing, or get to a certain point. Even on my first play through, not having any idea what to do I beat this game in a hour. So like I do when I know I'm not giving a game a great score I play through again hoping to find bright spots to mention. Knowing what to do I beat it in under thirty minutes. I can't tell anyone that a game you can beat that fast is a value, or worth a play at that price. To me if it was on sale for five dollars or something, and you loved puzzlers I'd say it is worth a shot, but at that price it is a hard pass.
If your a Achievement hunter you'll love it as well. It is impossible to miss an achievement, so there goes the replay as well. So lackluster puzzles, short game, and no replay doesn't add up to spending money on this when there are so many better puzzler options out there cheaper.

Pros: Beautiful to look at.
Delightful Sounds and Music
Unique Idea

Cons: Far to short
Way to easy
Over priced considering the lack of content
No replay value

Overall: 5.5 I usually adore puzzlers, but Rememoried is one I have a hard time suggesting to fellow gamers when it falls so short of the price tag attached.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

What Remains Of Edith Finch

"What Remains Of Edith Finch"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Platform: Xbox One X
What Remains of Edith Finch to me might be the best game I have played this year. It is hard to really explain it using other titles, because it is something very different. You play as Edith finch returning to your childhood home, and discovering stories about the life and death of all your family members. Sounds really sad, and yes it is at times. But it is brilliant story telling, done in amazingly unique ways. If I had to compare it to something Life is Strange or FireWatch would prob be the closest to it. Both had amazing story telling, and characters you found yourself invested in. The entire thing isn't sad though. There are very cute and hilarious moments as well. each family member's tale is delivered in a different way, and each one is just something you never expected or seen before. I don't want to say to much, because I don't want to spoil it, and this is truly a masterpiece, and title you can't miss. The Story of Edith Finch will make you look around at life, and really think.
Pros: Some the best storytelling of this Generation
Amazing voice acting
Delightful sounds, and music
Characters and stories you feel invested in
Cons: None, one the best games of the year
Overall: 9.8 A masterpiece in storytelling, and a can't miss for fans of games that deliver a message, and make you feel.


Reviewed By: Carless Yen
Platform: Xbox One X

Soma is a first person science fiction horror game that offers something new the ability to play safe mode. You can experience all the horror of the creatures, and terrifying atmosphere it delivers. That wasn't me though, I actually like the ability to fail even though there isn't a ton of failure to be had in Soma. The monsters are few and far between, and most the scares comes from the creepy environments.There are some creatures though that pose a decent challenge though, and kind of feel like bosses.
Besides just atmosphere Soma delivers on a great science fiction style story. It almost feels like BioShock and Half Life at times with just less action, and more wandering dark areas like in Outlast. The story and characters are great though. it really pulls you in, and you find yourself being invested in some of the robots you come across. I've read reviews where people said the voice acting was kind of cheap, and I have to disagree. I've played games with far worse, and I really enjoyed the conversations with your guide. At times she felt like Glados, and was expecting her to screw me over in the end.
The true beauty of Soma though is without question PATHOS-II a underwater facility where your trying to get from one section to another undetected, and save humanity in the end. You make your way through dark corridors, and deep underneath the ocean, and it really feels like your there at times. It feels a lot like I did when I played the new Stealth horror Alien game, but with less stress from dying so much.
I really can't say to much bad about Soma its one of the best horror games I played this year. And one of the best stories I've experienced probably only second to What Remains of Edith Finch. I think If you enjoy horror and sci-fi games your gonna love this. It actually is pretty decent ingame length as well. Doesn't really give you much replay value, but certainly is a can't miss title on the one play through enjoyment alone.

Pros: Creepy and Realistic atmosphere
Entertaining Science Fiction Horror Story
Eery Music and sounds
Enjoyable voice acting

Cons: Not much replay value

Overall: 8.7 Soma is a can't miss for fans of the genre. It's atmosphere alone makes it a delight, and a can't miss title this year.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bush League Hockey

Bush Hockey League
Reviewed by: Carless yen
Platform: Xbox One X

Bush Hockey League would have been our sports game of the year over playground if it had been released earlier. Almost everything about it is perfect. From the hilarious story, to the colorful retro art style, to the tons of content. Bush League Hockey is a answer to fans of old school hockey dreams. Really takes me back to a lot of those old SNES and Genesis greats, mixed with a fresh look and feel. Bush league Hockey is hard to stop playing. I don't know how many times since I started playing it I've been like Monday Night Football is coming on last game, and found myself playing a few more.
Bush League Hockey throws you right into a 70s style Hockey league like the days of the classic "Slap Shot" movie. From Big mustaches to mullets everything looks great. Fist and Stick fights galore. If you love hockey I really see you loving this game, hell I see a lot that don't love the sport falling in love with this title, and maybe the sport afterwards. The story you take over a last place team, and try to make them win in what is their last season. There are ton of secondary objectives like get in a fight with a certain player or score three goals and these unlock cards.
The music in Bush League Hockey is amazing as well. I love just about every song, and makes scrolling through the options and menus a treat. I really can't say anything bad about this game except there is no online options.That is what you expect from a Indie game though because servers aren't cheap. hopefully they have some success, and it comes in the future love to play a friend or in a online league with my favorite team.

Pros: Amazing Soundtrack
Gnarly Art Style
Bad Ass Story Mode
Play Style really has that awesome retro feel
Tons of content

Cons: No Multiplayer online

Overall: 9.2 One of the best Hockey games in years, a near masterpiece of retro Hockey.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Bulb Boy

"Bulb Boy"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Platform: Xbox One X

This review is coming a little later then expected, because we ran into issues. We got stuck in a glitch we were stuck in a couple weeks. There was a boss fight , and our respawn was right in his clutches. Once we were able to find out how to restart the level everything was good to go, and we knocked it out pretty quickly. mainly because the campaign is only two hours. Maybe three if your trying to collect all the achievements. It's an adorable, yet hilarious indie depending on you I guess. If you find poo and fart jokes funny still it's going to make you laugh. There are also moments that tickle the heart string.
Bulb Boy is about a little light bulb who has his house is taken over by evil taking away his grandfather. His journey is to get him back just him and his dog. Its really a simple point and click horror puzzler, but without really difficult puzzles. There really isn't a lot of game play to it. It feels at times like a animated horror story, because there isn't a whole lot to click on. The story how ever still pulls you in.It really is better than it sounds, and is quite a delight. The art is creepy yet beautiful. The bosses are truly unique and horrifying. The sounds are eerie, and fit perfectly into the environments.
There isn't a whole lot released on the Nintendo Switch so far, but this is one I know was just released on there. So if your a Switch owner I couldn't see passing this up. Especially at only 9.99. It really feels a lot like a few comics I've read, and like a few 90's cartoons that were way out there like Courage the Cowardly Dog or Ren and Stimpy. It isn't going to blow you away, and it probably isn't for everyone but to a lot of you certainly worth your time.

Pros: Creepy Art, and Bosses
Funny, and adorable story
Great unique bosses
Brilliant achievements and Easter Eggs

Cons: Glitchy
Not a whole lot going on with game play at times.

Overall: 7.9 Bulb Boy's game play might not set it aside from other point and click horror titles, but ts cute and hilarious story sure does.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017


Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Platform: Xbox One X

I had read many reviews about this before playing ,as I usually do and I kind of dreaded playing it. Most the reviews made it sound like a really terrible game.The thing is I have to play bad games sometimes, but to me this really wasn't one. As I played it I started to realize they probably used a walkthrough, or just gave up all together and just made up their reviews. A lot of gamers today afraid of a challenge, and don't want to put any effort into a game. Dying: Reborn though is one of those games that really requires effort. Not much as in skill, but more mentally. it is loaded with really mind boggling puzzles. Puzzles that will take you a long time to figure out. If you know the puzzles you can beat it in a hour, but your first play it is going to take far more than that. I'm not saying the game is perfect don't get me wrong it had many of flaws, but had plenty of things I enjoyed as well. I'll share those as this goes along.
You play as Matthew a guy who wakes up in a hotel room, and has no idea how he got there. As soon as the game starts it really has you using your mind to figure out how you got there, and how to escape. Puzzles don't start off easy either, you earn your advancement from the very start. You discover your not along there is a female in the same situation as you, so your trying to rescue her as well. There is also a evil figure there as well, that is controlling everything. Kind of has a Jigsaw film feel to it. There is tons of puzzles that you must figure out, and the games atmosphere is just creepy as hell. I loved this about it. First Person horror games are a favorite of mine. Stuff with a Outlast and SlenderMan feel to them. So I quite enjoyed this, and I really enjoyed the difficulty.
There was a few things i didn't enjoy though. The lead character's voice acting was horrible as well as a lot of his writing for the character. A lot of the time it just seemed kind of corny, where the villain and the female person your trying to rescue really fit right into the story well. The game is really to short though. The only thing that really makes you want to replay it is the fact there is a alternate ending. There are parts you will probably have left over after your playthrough you have to figure out what to do with those, and it won't be easy which I love. I love the difficulty of the puzzles I can't say that enough, but here comes the but. I wish there was just more to the story. I wish there was more scares, and more ways to fail. I would have loved some traps that ended you if you failed, or enemies that you had to run from or hide from. This game could have been so much better than it is, but I still really enjoyed it. I think where it is a VR experience probably is why it isn't more in depth. I think a lot of the virtual Reality games are just gimmick so they come up really short. I feel this could have been a lot more than that because it really is special at times. The atmosphere, the puzzles, sounds really are creepy and awesome I had a blast with this. I really didn't kind of felt let down until I started playing it again knowing everything already. So I really think it is worth a play, especially considering it is on sale. It is really hard to say it's worth the twenty dollar price tag on it without the sale though. Twenty dollars for a game you can beat in under a hour, and doesn't really scream replay value seems a tad much. I do think people who are fans of FPS Horror, and puzzlers will really get a kick out of it. I really think they will if they enjoy difficult puzzles.

Pros: Creepy Atmosphere and sounds
Challenging Puzzles
Really great and original idea
Dusts off the mind. Keeps you thinking
Multiple Endings

Cons: Really short, and lacking of threats
Bad voice acting, and story falls short
A tad over priced

Overall: 7.3 Despite some flaws, Dying Reborn is a creepy and mind boggling FPS Horror puzzler that deserves your attention especially if your a fan of VR.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Nightmare Boy

"Nightmare Boy"
Reviewed by Amy

In Nightmare Boy, your character Billy is kidnapped from your room and taken into the dream world Donorok, as a gift for a queen in hopes of gaining back her favor. Chaos rules over Noctum after King Aster goes missing. Everything is completely unstable and the evil is slowly absorbing the surrounding areas.Balder a horrible enemy to the world orders the Monsters to capture any child that falls into the Nightmare You fight through levels to figure out how to wake up and return home. You must also rescue all the captured children. This MetroidVania really has the feel of a lot of classics. It really reminds me of Decap Attack or Gex probably two games you guys aren't old enough to remember. The graphics are super cute. and colorful. The game can really be tough at times. Lot of the bosses wore me out, felt a little like Cuphead getting the patterns down and dying, and repeating multiple times. You have to purchase your saves, but they are really inexpensive. I know people who love classic platformers are really going to enjoy this. it really has a Sega Genesis feel to it.

Pros: Cute story line
Colorful graphics and environments
Boss fights are challenging but not discouraging.
Really fun enemies and characters

Cons: You have to pay to save,but not reallyexpensive.
Dialog drags a bit between characters.

Overall: 8.0 A delightful Metroidvania that mixes what is great about retro gaming with what makes gaming great today.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Platform: Xbox One

Foxyland is a simplistic platformer where you try to get from point A to point B, collecting all the items a long the way. It is full of simple and difficult jumps, enemies, and traps. You play as a Fox in a retro like world the likes of a Sega Genesis or SNES title. It holds true to that era, in feel as well as difficulty level. If your going for three stars on every level, I can see you playing them over a few times. Ya Foxy might me a cute little fox in a colorful world, but his level design certainly isn't just for the kiddies. Foxyland doesn't hold your hand and will make you earn those 3 stars you get at the end of each level. You can advance even if you don't get three stars , but where is the fun in that?
If you enjoy retro games Foxyland will certainly entertain you with its feel and look. The 8 bit music, the pixels, the difficult jumps, everything takes you back, but it is still far from perfect.
The developers name is Bug-Studio kind of funny really , because the game was loaded with them for me. First time I tried it I couldn't even get it to start because the cursor wouldn't move with controller so i had to wait a few days for the fix. Then tons of times it would just shut off out of no where. The music gets really old quick. There are two songs one for the levels, and one for the menu. I found myself a few hours in hitting that mute button on my TV remote. If you can look past these simple flaws though Foxyland does deliver a lot of retro charm, and he is adorable to play with. I love the unlocks. They don't do anything but cosmetic I don't think, but its cool see how cute the little hats, and clothes look on Foxy as you unlock them.

Pros: Looks great, and very Retro
Difficulty and unlocked items encourage replay
Pin point controls
Adorable character

Cons: Shuts off out of no where
Music gets old really quick.

Overall: 7.1 A cute little retro platformer with a few flaws, but a lot of NES style fun to be had.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Developer: Garage 227 Studios
Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Platform: Xbox One
Shiny is a game about a adorable robot named Kramer 227 brought to you by a small team at Garage 227 Studios coincidence? Hmmm? Kramer is trying save all of his friend robots, because his planet Aurora is doomed. All the humans left behind all his buddies, the worker robots. Kramer must save them all while collecting batteries to power the generator. I don't want to spoil anything, but accomplishing this mission really makes the difference at the end.
Kramer is adorable reminds me a little of Atlas 2 in Portal 2. I think I adored him a little more though, so my first play through ending had me wanting to go back through the levels, and make sure to collect all the batteries, and robots. I really wish they had a figure of Kramer, because he is a really gnarly little robot. I enjoyed my adventure with him. it took about 3 hours. It really isn't overly difficult, but there are some parts that might get you when trying to find everything as you revisit the levels. To 100% it it is going to take about 5 to 6 hours. You'll enjoy playing it over though, and the achievements are rather simple and fun to collect. The final result will be worth it as well to you. The levels change a lot so it isn't repetitive at all. Some levels are about making jumps, everything is timing and the controls are spot on. One level is racing against the screen and a emergency event you can't let catch up with you. I really enjoyed this, and wish there were more. Some levels seem tougher, and some are over before you know it.
The environments all look different, but have a steampunk apocalypse feel and appearance to them. They look dirty, but that fits perfectly into the story. I loved the music. I can't express that enough. I was really taken by surprise by the beautiful music and sounds in Shiny. The robots sounded cool, and some really beautiful piano really caught my attention a couple times. I'd say this is one of the best soundtracks in a Indie title this year. I'd put the music up there with a lot of the bests. I may even have liked it even more than the new "Life Is Strange".
I didn't have many issues like I had read from other reviewers on the PC version. I had a couple times were I fell, and just kept falling on level 6 I believe it was, but was easy to just restart the level. Have to expect things like this before the game is even released. Plus it only happened twice so not a major deal to me.
I think "Shiny" is really worth taking a look at. If your one of those gamers like me, who love to grab a quick Indie some evenings to raise your gamer score or just not get to invested in a game that is going to take up a bunch of your time, and stress you out certainly grab this. It will be a delightful evening of adorable characters, and wonderful music. I promise your going to love Kramer , and his little adventure.
Pros: Wonderful Characters
Beautiful Music
Challenging levels without over doing it
Relaxing game play, and delightful story
Cons: Couple levels extremely short
Couple glitches, but not to bad really
Overall: 8.4 "Shiny" is a indie game made by a small team, that delivered a adorable gigantic personality in Kramer 227. Kramer's adventure really is a can't miss for fans of Indies, and Xbox Marketplace arcade titles. Do yourself a favor grab "Shiny" on release date.
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Thursday, September 14, 2017

"Offensive Combat Redux"

"Offensive Combat Redux"
Reviewed by: Carless yen
I don't know where to start with this one really. I almost didn't want to review it because I couldn't find much to say about it that I enjoyed. I will say the customization is amazing. One of the most in depth character builders in a game yet. I had more fun making my guy, then actually playing the game. So many choices, and you can make some pretty original and hilarious people to play with, but your in first person so does it really matter? I guess so for the taunts, when you kill a guy you can dance on them , even tea bag them. It is funny at first, but like most the cheese in this game gets old really fast.
The guns are pretty cool I guess to. but after that everything is just mediocre, and just like tons of games before it. Really basic maps I feel I have seen a 100 times. Really can't find many people playing it either, but you can play against bots as well. I played with friends, and the fun just wasn't there very long. I have to say the entire experience was fairly mediocre. I'm not gonna write an entire story bashing a game, because it deserves better. I'm sure a lot of hard work went into this title, but it really came out unpolished, and bland. I can't recommend this to anyone, unless your just looking for a FPS you've never played that has a juvenile feel to it.
Pros: Cool Guns
AMAZING Character designing
Cons: Pretty much the entire game.
Overall 4 Ugh I hate being so negative about someones art, but cheesy as hell


Reviewed by: Carless yen
In Bleed you play as a purple haired bad ass girl named Wryn. In this 2D platformer your trying to become the greatest hero of all times by taking on the biggest baddest heroes ever. It is a twin sticker shooter, but the controls are really different then you are used to so you have to learn, and adjust to a whole new controller scheme. Really takes awhile to adjust to this.
You battle truly epic bosses, while blasting away in slow motion which lasts only a few seconds but can come in handy. You will have to learn their attacks, but if you die trying the game isn't to hard on you as it doesn't checkpoint you to far back. You will be playing the levels over and over though, because this game is loaded with unlockables. Bleed has plenty of review value, so you won't mind the fact you can beat it in 2 to 3 hours because more than likely you will be loading the game right back up to try out your new items.
Bleed has the feel , and look of games from the Genesis, and Super Nintendo and it really is just as fun. The music takes me back there as well. I really see you playing this over and over unless your not a fan of challenge. It can be very hard at times as you adjust the difficulty to get new things. I can't stop playing it though even with Destiny out. Bleeds a blast, especially for you retro gamers.
Pros: Cool retro look and sound
Fast paced challenging action
Tons of unlockables and replay value
Cool character, and epic boss battles
Cons: Controls can be difficult to pick up
Little short, but replay is certain
Overall: 7.4 Bleed is a blast for retro gamers who love fast paced challenging action. If you love taking down awesome bosses that have routine attacks you will be in gaming heaven.