Friday, June 23, 2017

Blitzkrieg 3

"Blitzkrieg 3"

Blitzkrieg may be considered one of the best RTS franchises to a lot of gamers, but what do we think, and how does the third installment hold up to the previous to installments? People been waiting a long time , as Blitzkrieg 2 came out 12 years ago and the third has been in early access for 2 years now. We really believe it was worth the wait, and have enjoyed it so far for hours now.
The gameplay consists of playing through World War 2 from the invasion of Poland you, and capture of Berlin. There are a ton of missions I can't even tell you how many as I haven't been able to finish it yet. There are so many I been playing it for hours, but now got hooked on the multiplayer, It puts in charge of squads of Infantry, Paratroopers, aircraft, tanks, and more. With these different types of troops you must make your way across fairly large maps, to capture points or take down other enemy troops. Single player alone is a seller for this game, but the real entree with Blitzkrieg 3 is the Multiplayer.
The multiplayer is extremely fast paced war action. Your given a base, and resources and it is your main mission to protect it with the same forces you use in single player. We love us some tanks though. Nothing like dropping enemy troops down with the powerful steel juggernauts. It takes a lot of patience and thinking to protect your base, and stop your opponent. It takes a lot of quick thinking as well that is what I loved about it. The multiplayer really adds to the life of this game, as long as you can find people to play with your gonna want to keep playing it. Its like the days when you used to play Risk the board game, its that brought beautifully to life. The accuracies of this game are really precise, and we appreciate, and love it.

Pros: Beautiful Graphics
Sounds and Music fit perfectly
Accuracy to actual events spot on
Multiplayer is addictive
Unlimited single player missions

Cons: Maps could be a tad bigger

Overall: 8.5 If you love RTS games, and WW2 action you can't get any better then Blitzkrieg 3. Well worth the wait.

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