Monday, June 27, 2016

Pac-Man 256

"Pac-Man 256"
By: Carless Yen

Pac-Man 256 has all the feel of the original Arcade/Atari classic mixed in with a whole lot of things that make it feel current as well. Pac-Man 256 is Pac-Man without the boundaries. The maze goes on and on forever and endless array of Pac dots, power pellets, ghosts, and fruit. You get on life, and you go and go as long as you can, trying to pass your high score. The thing that makes it even sweeter is the fact you can do with with three of your friends. It is only couch coop though, so you'd have to have four controllers and friends or family at your house which would be rare for some, so I would have loved to seen online added. With this though you all four make your way through the endless maze until one person is the last standing. It is a ton of fun and a real selling point for the title, and another thing that makes it feel more current.
Other things that make it feel more current is the power-ups. 16 of them in total from bomb that makes everything around you explode when touched by ghost, to tornados that sweep through the maze taking out Clyde and his buddies, to even a lazer that shoots from Pac-Man's mouth melting enemies. That is just a few all of them come in handy as you try to beat your current high score. My favorite is probably the Ice cube that freezes everything as you speed by for different amounts of time depending on your upgrade level. Yes I said upgrades you get coins throughout the game by picking them up, completion of missions for coin boxes you have to open, or just getting them as free gifts to open as well. This takes a lot of time so the last Achievement I see people getting on this game is probably the one for upgrading every power-up to its level 8 max.
Another thing that adds to the different additions to this game is multiple new ghosts. You have a Pink ghost that moves quickly towards you in straight lines, you can't out run him with out making a turn or two, two lines of ghosts tied together blocking certain routes, to ghosts that lay there sleeping waiting for you to come by to pounce on you. It sounds easy i know considering the maze is endless, what keeps me from just running around until I find a clear path people are probably thinking? Well you are chased by the glitch from the original Pac-Man ending. It makes you stay moving up, as it devours everything as it makes its way up after you. So much new fun and challenge is to be had with this game, so if you loved the original but it has grown stale over the 100's and 100's of releases this will without a doubt feel fresh and fun to you.
Your probably thinking I've played so many Pac-Man games I don't think i can stare at those Blue walls another time. Well with this addition to the series you have a ton of different themes. The regular classic look is there, but you can also pick through themes like, go cart track, blocks, an office setting, even one with robots and chickens believe it or not. So with all of this it is a totally new experience all Pac-Man fans are sure to enjoy.

Pros: Tons of unlocks
Tons of content
same great sounds, mixed with a fresh beat
Challenging obstacles
Same great retro feel, with lot fresh ideas.

Cons: Only Couch Coop on console.

Overall 9.6 This is the Pac-Man you love, but with a fresh take that makes it oh so addictive.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Turn On

"Turn On"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen

Turn On is a Indie Platformer that starts off when your city is in crisis, because it completely loses power. An Electrician and a little ball of electricity spring into action, and take you on a heartfelt and amazing journey through a city's power lines that lead straight into your heart. I enjoyed everything about this game from start to finish. I experienced just a small amount of things I'll talk about later, right now I want to talk about all the things I loved about it.
The ball of electricity makes its way through the power lines lighting the way for the towns population. As you make your way along you light street lights, houses, just everything you can think of. Seems repetitive I know but it isn't because as you do this you see how everyone is affected. You'll see kids excitement as they can finish their game of hoops, crooks scamper as you turn on the lights and alarms, couples fall in love as you help them finish their dates. So many cool things happen along the way, and every second of it feels so good.
When the affects of your work upon the story isn't cheering you up, the music is. I have to say one of the best soundtracks in a indie game to date. I loved the music, I even loaded up a couple levels to play over just to enjoy the sounds again. There are 32 levels in all, and will occupy a good 5 hours I'd say, even more if you want to tackle the really entertaining achievements. There is a ton of them, and really adds to the replay value. The ending is amazing, I won't spoil anything, but it is fun and brilliant I reloaded it a few times to watch it over again. To me this is a must own for people who love cute stories, Indie games, and platformers.
The only issue I had with this game is some of the control issues on the power line levels. There are ones where your character moves on his own, and you just have to jump back and forth on lines, there we experienced a few issues with button hits not registering. was it enough to turn us off, instead of on like the title says? No way, even as we had restart a few times, it was so much fun, and the music was so catchy, we didn't mind at all. Just gave it another chance to enjoy the beautiful comic style art in the level design. Everything about Turn On just feels and looks great, and adds up to hours of entertainment.
Is this game for you? I think it is probably for just about everyone. I don't see anyone not enjoying the story, or falling in love with the little ball of electricity as he brightens a city, and so many lives. Do yourself a favor, grab this one, don't miss out.

Pros: Beautiful Comic Art
Music is delightful
Fun Challenge
Heart warming story and characters
Achievements galore

Cons: Controls can be buggy at times.

Overall: 8.9 A little Indie platformer developed by just four people, that delivers a fun, and pleasing experience. You love indies, don't miss out on this one.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sony's E3 and a few games we forgot to mention earlier.

Sony's E3 and a few games we forgot to mention earlier.

YOU can look at the photo for this post, and tell Sony had a pretty damn good night as far as introducing games. Some really amazing exclusives debuted, as well as some surprise release dates. Was a hell of a night for them, even if a lot of the games look like things that are already out there, it is still improvement over releases they have had so far. with games like The Order and Killzone stinking up the joint. I remember being hyped for them as well, so hope these represent better. Even before the night started they showed a ton of Indie games that looked fun, and amazing. But we will just start with the actual conference.

It lead off with game play  for God Of War, which felt kind of Tomb Raiderish. Where your playing as his weak son, and your hunting with your father, feels like you'll have to grow into a man sort of like Lara did in the first Tomb raider game for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It looked beautiful though, and looked like you would be taking on a lot of really cool creatures. I'm looking forward to it.

Days Gone looked a lot like like The Last Of US, Where you play a biker bounty hunter, that appears to have lost the love of your life. It really looks like it could be interesting. Very post-apocalyptic but there was no zombies to be seen.

To probably the second loudest applause of the night The Last Guardian has a release date. And it is October I find it really hard to believe it will happen with all the delays this game has seen, but time will tell.

 Guerilla’s action-RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn has a Witcher 3 feel to it, but mixed with some technology. It is certainly interesting, cause it just looks like it has a lot going on .

Detroit: Become Human has a very cool SciFi feel to it, very Blade Runnerish or IRobot. From the people who brought you Heavy Rain you control a Connor a Negotiation Cyborg. It appears the story can play out tons of different ways, as you can save and let hostages die in many different ways. It really took me by surprise, and has me waiting it's arrival.

Resident Evil VII was awesome to me , and it set up the new Playstation VR well, with a super creepy adventure through a dark house. This game looks like they may have finally taken it back to it's roots. It has a lot scarier of a feel to it, especially being in first person. I have the Demo I'm going to try it out tomorrow, and give you my thoughts so far on it.

They then Led the VR announcements with letting people know Arkham, Final Fantasy, and Star Wars Battlefront will all use the VR technology.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare showed a new trailer, and it looks  no better then before, and the crowd was pretty much quiet after they showed it, no one really cared. It just looks the same as always, except they tried to throw some spaceship battles in there, that no fan in history ever asked for from them. Crowd made a little noise when they showed Modern Warfare remaster, have a feeling people are going to buy that terrible game just for it, and sells will still be around normal, and Activision will continue to keep popping out mediocrity instead of improving the franchise.
                                                                     Infinite Warfare
                                                                    Modern Warfare
Crash Bandicoot is back and remastered, all three of the first titles. And he will also be appearing in the new Skylanders. And Lego Star Wars also showed, and it looked really good.
Lego Force Awakens Below:

The crowd burst of the night, was the surprise that Hideo Kojima’s new project is called Death Stranding,and Norman Reedus is the lead character. People were going nuts as he came out, and the story looks crazy, as usual he brings a different kind of game. This looks like nothing you've played before.

They showed a new Spiderman after, I really have no faith in it, looked about as mediocre as the last few that have came out. It has it's bright spots, but also see where it could be a flop as well. I hope Insomniac can capture the fun of Ratchet and Clank, and Sunset Overdrive again, cause we need a fun Spidey game.

They ended the night with some more Days Gone, and well there is without a doubt zombies, tons and tons of them. They showed actual game play, and it looks like another winner, and another good E3 for Sony. I will leave game play video below, but talk about some games we missed in previous posts.

Injustice 2 looks amazing, I'm not huge on fighters, but I love Injustice, and Killer Instinct and both had good E3 showings. Really looking forward to all the DC characters in one game, as I'm a super DC fanboy.
                                                           And here is some game play.
                                                               As well as the Trailer

Friday The 13th also released some gameplay. I'm huge fan of the movie franchise, but not 100% sure on what I have seen from the game though, but praying it is a blast Ic an say it really looks like they captured the film, and it has a retro look to it.Also some really cool kills.

South Park new game, looks like you can create your own superheroes, which is always fun. And some of the jokes, and puns from the trailer alone shows it will be hysterical.

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Color Symphony 2

Color Symphony 2
Reviewed By: Carless Yen

Color Symphony 2 is a Puzzler/Platformer that doesn't hold your hand at all. There is no everyone's a winner stuff here, no easy mode, or shortcuts. Color Symphony succeeds very well in being what it is a rage inducing game, that makes you fight the urge to send controllers sailing through your house. If you don't know the controller layout before you start this game, you will know everything about it by the end of it. That is if your talented enough to finish it. This game pushes the limits of challenging, and make sure you know every color button. You make your way through level after level making things appear and disappear by hitting the color of the object you need to change. Ya it sends simple right? Trust me it isn't at all. Everything is a trap, every mistake is a plunge to your death. This game makes you work, and I love it for that. This isn't a game that everyone that picks it up, just cruises through it. A lot of people will give up on the first level.
Takes you back to an era in gaming, where things weren't so easy. That you didn't just respawn same location every time you died. or asked you this seems to difficult for you, would you like to skip or lower the difficulty? Games like this aren't just a game, they are a victory, a triumph, and something to feel good about after like you accomplished something. An accomplishment like Remimory had with this game. They kick your ass, and make you love every second of it. They brought you a precise jumper puzzle game, with smooth as silk controls, and beyond challenging level design. That is packaged in a retro looking shell , with a textualized narrative that delivers a decent enough story, The music and sounds are fair enough as well. Nothing about its look or sound is going to blow you away, The meat of the game is its difficulty and feeling of accomplishment. For the average gamer it might not , be your cup of tea. For the hardcore puzzler I can see you loving every second of this one.

Pros: Challenging as hell
Decent Story
Music and Sounds deliver the objective
Level designs are insane

Cons: Not beautiful to look at, but most nightmares aren't

Overall: 7.7 If your a puzzler fan, welcome to your nightmare. be sure to wear padded underwear, because this one is going to kick your butt.
To see more about this check out their pages, as well as ours.

Monday, June 13, 2016

E3 Day 2 Microsoft

E3 Day 2 Microsoft event
Started out with the new Xbox One Slim it is 40% smaller, and has a 2TB Hard Drive. Will Support 4k Video. The new controller has a grip back, to feel better in hand. There is also a sweet looking Gears 4 Elite controller coming as well. Here are photos and video below..Also announced the new custom controller design lab on their page to create controllers the way you want them @

Xbox One S
Gears 4 Elite Controller
Design Labs

Killer Instinct

Killer instinct DLC was announced , and free all week. The baddest Gears Of War baddie General Raam is coming to Killer Instinct. He looks so bad ass in this trailer..

Battlefield game play trailer looks sick, lot people thought WW1 gameplay be slow but this action looks nonstop. Hope it outsells COD or comes close.

Forza Horizon 3 is coming, and it looks just as beautiful as before, but a very special addition has been brought to this title, Full 4 player Coop. A definite selling point for me a open world of driving , with friends over Xbox Live sure looks like a lot of fun.

Final Fantasy XV is coming showed some gameplay, I'm not huge fan. I used to be up until like first 7 or so but ran it into the ground, and got kind of corny. Also new Division DLC, and VR Minecraft also coming soon as well if you want to play your worlds in first person with a virtual feel. Also Limbo is free on the Xbox One so go download it , amazing game.

We Happy Few looks amazing I thought it was going to be a new Bioshock just had that feel to it. Super creepy game that I'm really looking forward to. The game play really drew me in, and i'm anticipating this is a huge surprise out of no where, and gets some Goty nods.

CD Projekt RED was next with the official announcement of Gwent, the card game from The Witcher 3. Loved the game wasn't huge fan of the card game though. I figure a lot of people will be playing it over Hearthstone though

Tekken 7, coming Early 2017, with Street Fighter's Akuma joining the roster. also announced A free copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is available for Live Gold members this week via backwards compatibility!

Dead Rising 4 was announced, with the return of the one and only Frank West. Loaded with some really awesome weapons and vehicles, so looks like the customization that started in the sequel will carry over to this one. I'm really hyped for this.

Scalebound looked pretty cool, but Sea Of Thieves looked amazing. Looks like a ton of fun to play with friends, and like Rare has another epic classic on their hands. From getting drunk together falling over, to battles at sea aboard your pirate ship, this is going to be a blast.

Another trailer that got me hyped was State of Decay 2. I loved the first one , and looks like they added coop considering the trailer says No One survives alone. Im already counting the days to this one, because if it is even close to being as good as the first one, will be amazing with friends.

Halo Wars 2 was up next, with a cinematic trailer, and an announcement you could play the Beta all week for free.

And Phil Spencer closed the show with Project Scorpio the next console coming 2017 that is 6 times stronger then the PS4, with a whopping 6 teraflops. Full 4k gaming and VR abilities. 8 GPU cores, this thing is a beast. Nothing comes close to this power console wise even 2.25 times stronger then the new Playstation they are working on. Wonders if this will send them back to the drawing board? A definite Mic Drop finale announcement. to see the entire conference watch the video below. And more coming later tonight after the Sony event.
#E3 Microsoft event, starts at 9:44 on the video.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

E3 Day One:

E3 Day One:

EA And Bethesda showed off all they have in store for the next couple years, and its full of surprises on day one. also a ton of trailers for games we already knew were coming. we will keep you posted on all the great games, and announcements at E3 over the next couple days so be sure to check in with us. 

                                                                  QUAKE Champions

My favorite announcement so far though is Quake Champions.
Check out the trailer. The FPS that started it all, in my opinion is returning and I'm beyond hyped. Can't wait to play this, as I spent hours and hours playing the original when we were still using Dial-Up internet.


 The game that was in development for years and years just to be canceled in 2014 resurfaces in a new trailer, looking amazing and like they went a whole new direction. I have a feeling this is going to be one the best games out of no where, and really looking forward to it.

                                                              Mass Effect: Andromeda

Will launch early 2017, and looks as if you can be male or female character. The historry of Mass Effect has been amazing up until that part 3 ending lol, hopefully the stir it back on track and release the quality they have always brought to the table. 

                                                                Star Wars Games

Ton of star wars games news, bunch new games in development.Visceral Games the guys that brought us Dead Space is working on a campaign based Star Wars game. Also on the project are a few people that were behind Uncharted, as well as Assassin's Creed. Not much is known about this title except that it will launch in 2018 so we will be waiting awhile. Bioware is bringing back The Old Republic, Respawn the people behind Titanfall, and made up of some members from Infinity Ward are working on a third person style Star Wars game, and Dice and Capital Games will continue working on their Star Wars projects so expect a heavy dose of it over the next couple years Lets hope they can bring something worth playing , because Battlefront is collecting dust..More on these check out this link.

                                                                     Dishonored 2:

 Also got a trailer and it looks a lot better then the first installment of the series. I am actually looking forward to this title in Novemeber. Looks like there are so many different ways you can choose to take your adventure, giving it a lot of replay value. Here is the trailer check it out for yourself.

                                                                    Skyrim Remastered

Skyrim Remastered: A favorite of many is making it way on to the current Gen consoles, and the graphic change looks amazing, they are also bringing in the mods as well. So you get to enjoy what a lot of others have been enjoying on the PC, on your console now. I know a lot of you are hyped for this. 

                                                                    Fallout 4 DLC

Fallout is getting better, with some free updates, and the announcement of the new DLC Nuka-World. I'm sure I don't need to say much about this games greatness to you gamers, but check out the video to see all that is on the way for you.

                                                                      TellTales Games

TellTale's games had two huge showings today. New Batman series, and a return to the world of Walking Dead. Clementine will be a character. but it appears the new playable character will be some one else. Batman though, we already know the main characters are Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Harvey Dent, Vicki Vale, Lieutenant James Gordon, Carmine Falcone, and Selina Kyle but here are the pictures leaked so far.

                                                                      Walking Dead:

                                                                    Other E3 News

There were also some changes coming to a lot of Bethesda games already out there like Elder Scrolls, and Doom. I will post a link so you can check out both conferences if you missed. Also "Doom" is free all week so download and enjoy, one hell of a game. Also Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 trailers leaked, but I'll leave that for Jonny to post sometime tomorrow after the Xbox Press conference, so he can load you up with even more E3 goodness.