Saturday, May 27, 2017



Spellspire is one of those mobile games ported to console, from those guys at 10tons ltd. It is also one of those they ported very nicely. It feels just as fun, and well rounded on Xbox One as it does anywhere. It is a very relaxing game, that you can spend a evening on, or any time you don't feel like putting attention into a heavily story driven game you have to give full attention. I play this a lot while i am talking to friends in a party, and I don't feel like taking a lot of attention away from our conversations.I am not saying it is easy though. Spellspire can get very challenging depending on the level of your vocabulary.
Spellspires plays like an adventure game of scrabble. You have a bunch of letters, and you have to make up words out of them. The bigger the word the higher of value attack it does on enemies. You make your way up a huge tower, loaded with enemies and bosses,and it only gets harder the higher you go. You can purchase different weapons and armours though, that count as leveling up. You get the money to purchase these from loot dropped by enemies, and found in chests.
Everything about this game though is a lot of fun, and I really can't find much negative to say about it. Rather you got on console, or picked up in a app store, i could see any scrabble or adventure fan getting very addicted to its charm. Delightful music, crazy cool characters and enemies, and colorful backdrops spells a blast to be had.

Pros; Challenging word puzzles
Tough and gnarly looking enemies and bosses
Wonderful sounds and music
Wonderful action RPG design
Loads of loot

Cons: Level progression a tad difficult
Makes you grind levels over to really advance

Overall: 7.5 Spellspire is a blast in small doses, can become repetitive. If played properly though can be a lot of fun for a long time to come.

Friday, May 26, 2017

"Tango Fiesta"

"Tango Fiesta"
Tango Fiesta is a nod to classic over the top shooters like "Commando" and "Ikari Warriors" on the NES. It starts out just as fun, and it is even more in depth. It is loaded with a ton of different weapons ranging from flame throwers, freeze guns, shotties, and assault rifles. There are also a wide range of explosives, and different characters even one that is a tribute to Robocop. Your objective is to take out objectives in areas that are full of enemies. It is either shut down a satellite tower, destroy a chopper, or blow up a enemy base.
It is a lot of fun to play with friends in couch coop. if your good teammates and can stick together. At the end of each level is a boss. each level , and boss are unique. I really got into this game, had a blast. Everything about it is just a delight, and enjoyable until the the last level.The final level really just kills all the fun in the game. Started experiencing ton of issues on it from freezing, to even losing file saves, and having to start over to try and recover your save. After that level it just doesn't work right, and when you can get it to the level becomes nearly impossible. They introduce a enemy that chases you around the map, while shooting exploding heat sinking bombs at you. Most the time if you happen to shoot it down, it still does damage to you. You cant use objects to bounce it off of, because it magically goes through walls. With that , and tons of stronger enemies even ones that shoot heat sinking missiles it all just becomes to much, and not as much fun. I hate to see a entire game ruined by one level, but it happens here. I have read numerous reviews, and talked to people that all shared the same view on it. That really sucks, because it is a really fun game to play alone , and with friends. Knowing you more than likely won't complete it alone though, or with your buds really ruins it and makes you question rather or not you want to play it with them , or just play something else. If you don't care about completing games, and just want to burn a few hours It is certainly worth the time.
The look is really retro, as well as the sounds. The music actually reminds me of several 80s songs, and it adds to the fun a lot as well. The shop, and Arnold impersonator's voice as you buy weapons and scroll over them is hilarious. Everything about this game is just a blast, and I had a good time, and was impressed early. Like i said though a few hiccups, and over difficult ending really zaps the fun out of it, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
Pros: Music and sounds are really cool
Tons of fun in Coop
Impressive amount of weapons
Tons of enemies to blast through
Cons: Over difficult game finale, full of bugs.
Overall. 6.8 A blast from start but not to finish. The last level in the game riddled with difficulty, and glitches really zaps the fun out of a generally delightful Coop twin stick shooter.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

"Seasons After Fall"

"Seasons After Fall"
Seasons After Fall was a very pleasant surprise. I really heard no one talking about it at all, so didn't expect much from it. So when I first started it up, and gazed upon the beautiful painted world i was in awe. Seasons after Fall truly is one of the most beautiful Indie games I have ever played. It looks hand painted, and, just like a masterpiece of art. It doesn't stop there , because the soundtrack would fall into the same place. It as well is very much just a wonderful piece of art. Beautiful string sections play as you make your way along your quest.
You play as a beautiful fox that is taken over by a by a strange sprite that gains the power of the seasons. You go on a quest to discover the guardians of the seasons. Bear for Winter, the Crane for Autumn, the Eel for Spring, and the Cicada for Summer. Each one of these powers lets you change the weather, which drastically changes the appearance of the maps, and it is just glorious to look at. Things like Autumn winds helping lift things off the ground to raise you to higher places, spring rain to raise the water levels, and winter to freeze the water making you able to run on it. It is easy to get lost in this beautiful world, and I don't mean just in entertainment aspect, there are many twists and turns that have you lost at times. There are no enemies though, and it is impossible to die. I guess for some that doesn't sound to exciting, but it is. It is one of those games that you can just relax, and play for hours without a ton of stress.everything about it is just pure relaxation.
I really loved this game, and it reminds me of a lot of classic Indies that have captured game of the year awards like "Ori and the Blind Forest" I really feel in my opinion it is pretty close to that level of greatness. I will without a doubt remember this game for years to come. From the beautiful backgrounds, to the amazing voice actors, to the delightful music, and sounds. Seasons after Fall is pretty darn close to a masterpiece.
Pros: Beautiful level design
Amazing Music and Sounds
Superior voice acting
Cute characters, and story
Fun Achievements
Cons: Difficult map layout
Overall: 9.6 Seasons After Fall is a relaxing, and beautiful experience that is about as close to a Masterpiece as you can get. A truly under rated gem
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Friday, May 12, 2017

"NBA Playgrounds"

"NBA Playgrounds"

Carless Yen

NBA Playgrounds is a lot of fun especially when you only have to dish out $20 dollars to play it. That great price tag even adds to the excitement of this launch. NBA Playgrounds is pretty much a NBA Jam clone with a modern touch to it for the current generation consoles. With a mix of current players as well as a ton of legends your left with so many options. The fact that you can level up the players unlocking more moves makes you want to experiment, and use other players more often. You unlock players in packs that have 5 players in each. The results are random, and can even get duplicates. They all look really nice though, and resemble who they are supposed to. Some of the player to team options are kind of weird in my opinion though. Like Kemp as a Cavalier instead of as a Sonic, or Parrish as a Bull instead of Celtics. Some players I just don't see how they got on the game like Jakob Poeltl. They do love their game though, and are working on it very hard to keep updating it, and releasing new players. With the over 100 now im hearing they already have another 100 to put out there next patch. I love the player bios on the players as well. I find myself reading each one as I unlock them. I'm really enjoying my time with NBA Playgrounds, and can't wait to see what the future brings for them.
One thing is they need to extend the single player, I was done with it in under 2 hours. So hope they add a lot more tournaments, and parks. The tournaments are 4 rounds for each playground, and each round a different set of players. Each round has a different challenge to complete. Once you achieve all the challenges for a tournament you unlock the ball used there, as well as the park. You win the tournament you also get a gold pack, that has slightly better cards in it. It is a blast , but is over before you know it. There is also online play where you are put in divisions based on your wins and losses so if your stinking it up you will be in bronze, and play against players of your own skill level which is a good idea.There is also exhibition where you can play alone , or with a friend and is probably where you will spend most your time playing this.
To me there is very few issues with this game,I;ve seen people complain it is to hard to do challenges or complete tournaments , but it really isn't you just have to learn the game.There is nothing wrong with a little competition, makes it more fun as well as makes it more replayable trying to accomplish the goals. Heard people complain lefties are shooting with their right hands, and that is all minor fixes that will be ironed out. These guys love their game, and seem to be putting a ton a effort into it so see that fixed first update. If you love NBA Jam, and sick of simulation sports games like 2K where it is the same thing every year this will certainly mix things up a bit for you, and bring the fun of sports back to gaming.

Pros: Really cool character models with bios
Fast and exciting basketball play like Jam
Card system is fun, and mysterious
A blast to be had alone or with friends
Great and hysterical commentary
Loved the soundtrack
Hard working development team, that listens and responds to fans.
Cons: Fun power-ups,some need removed in competition play.
Parks are kind of bland, need more options
Need faster way earn packs, to many duplicates
Some of the player choices aren't stellar

Overall: 8.5 NBA Playgrounds is the perfect re-imagining of NBA Jam brought to a current generation of gamers. Tons of fun, with minor flaws that I am 100% sure will be ironed out NBA Playgrounds far exceeds the $20 price tag on it.

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"Sniper Ghost Warrior 3"

"Sniper Ghost Warrior 3"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen
One of the hardest reviews I have ever had to do. I wanted to love the game, because there is so much potential. The story is interesting, the sniping is fun and pretty well done. It just is a seriously broken game though. Maybe one of the worst I have experienced. Hundreds of times i just got stuck for no reason rather in a car or on foot, just trapped on imaginary things where I couldn't get free, and would have to reset the game. Or the game just shuts off, spent 15 minutes getting to a boss, and out of no where game shuts off, and sent to dashboard. Your probably like big deal just reset it if it is fun, but the loading screens can take from 5 to 15 minutes the worst I have ever seen. Like start the game go make dinner, come back after eating it slow. There are also times when you can't even get a shot off because it lags so bad when it isn't even online. Bullets hit you when your behind concrete walls. Just so many issues. Like I said maybe the most broken game I have ever experienced.
That sucks though because you want to like the characters, and the story, as well as the premise. There is nothing like sneaking around, stealth stabbing enemies, and slow motion bullet traveling. Watching the bullet smash into them When it works it is a blast, but there lies the problem it seldom works. I really got into the game, finding the collectibles, hunting the most wanted list everything is a lot of fun. Hope a update fixes this, but they don't seem to care. They aren't even responding to fans which kind of shows their developing laziness. You will never have a great game if you don't listen, and work along with the players, and people who spent their money to support your art. I hate to say this considering they supplied me with the review code, but it doesn't seem like the company you'd want to purchase another game from.
If you got a lot of time on your hands, and can work around all the issues the fun is to be had. Especially if you enjoy games like Sniper Elite. It is along those same characteristics. Except set in modern time in a open world in eastern Europe. You play as soldier looking for your brother that went missing while on a mission that went wrong together. You have tons of different weapon options. Really great list of Sniper rifles, secondary, and pistols. Also loaded down with a lot of cool gear like drones, and even bullets that lure as well as tag enemies . That is why it is so hard to be so negative with this game. It has a lot going for it. At times feels like Far Cry even though some of the graphics are dated, and characters look really bad. This is one of those games where I want to tell you it is worth your time, but the many many negatives makes me say no.
Pros: Tons of Weapons, and cool gadgets.
Awesome Slow motion bullet time
Decent Story
Fun collectibles, and hidden items
Great choice in how you want to attack objectives
Cons; Graphics really dated
So,So,So Buggy
Unbearable loading screens
Overall: 6.8 The fun is to be had with Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, the problem is all the issues make it hard to get there. Wait for a patch if it ever comes, another current gen broken release even after delays.
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