Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Black Hole

"Black Hole"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Developed by: Dufgame
Platform: Nintendo Switch

Black Hole is a twin stick space shooter that really takes you back to the days of Arcades and Atari.It brings everything you loved about games like Asteroids and Centipede into the current Generation platforms. It even brings a little bit of NES's Life Force along with it. I think if you loved those games like I did your sure to find a lot of enjoyment with Black Hole. There are three different ship types you can choose from, as well as three different skill levels. The game modes are pretty simple practice, Speed run, and just Campaign. I hope they bring Coop to this because would be a last to play with friends.
There are 40 levels after every 10 you fight a unique boss. Each 10 levels has a different background and theme. The first is just a regular space level with asteroids and ships that attack. On is a frozen level where Ice creatures attack, and even a poison level where enemies shoot poison at you. Even the bosses of these area attack with the same theme as the level. The bosses were really cool, and I enjoyed the different characteristics of each one. I had a lot of fun trying to learn how to avoid, and attack each one while staying alive.

Everything you shoot drops orbs, and each orb has a different use. There is a green for health, a blue for shield, a orange to fill up your special attack, white which adds to your score allowing you to place on leaderboard and get extra lives, and yellow which gives you upgrade points. You can upgrade the amount of beams your ship shoots, the power of these, how fast they shoot, the armour, the speed of your ship, your secondary weapon and the same other thins you could with primary. It is a lot of fun upgrading it, and getting a unstoppable ship launching 5 shots and rockets out of it. That was one of my favorite parts of the game was seeing just how much the ship changed as I went a long.

The game really seems to be aimed at the fans it has a colorblind mode, and even a option to send feedback, another thing I love is the price tag. 5.99. It really is certainly worth that. Even if I beat it in a hour, I still plan to try to climb the leaderboards, and speed run it. I see a lot of people doing that in the near future. I also plan to try all of the different ships, and their upgrades. If your a retro gamer or some one like myself that enjoys a good space shooter this is without question for you. Grab it up, and aim high for those leaderboards and times.

Pros: Awesome Retro/Arcade feel
Cool level themes,ships,bosses, and enemies
Smooth Precise controls
Gnarly Sci-fi sounding soundtrack

Cons: A little Short, but tons of replay value.

Overall 8.2 A little taste of 80's and 90's arcade brought to the Switch. A speedrunner and retro fans dream come true.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

"Omen of Sorrow"

"Omen of Sorrow"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Platforms: Ps4
Developer: AOne Games
Omen of Sorrow brings classic 2D fighting from the 90s, to next Gen with characters based off of classic monsters from film and literature. Characters like Dracula, Quasimodo, Frankenstein’s Monster, Dr. Hyde, kind of putting off that DarkStalkers feeling. 12 characters to be exact, and I love the horror feel. Ya Mortal Kombat mixed in a few Iconic characters, but this is an entire roster based off horror. I love that about it. They all look great to. They look far better then I expected it not being a AAA release. The characters and backgrounds all are pleasing to the eye. Really looks and feels like a arcade 2D fighter. Even has those standard and basic controls that we all know and love. It feels really smooth, and combat and controls are precise. Everything about it feels like the classics, especially the combos. The online and offline PVP is fun, and really satisfying. Where it falls a little short is the campaign, but it has plenty of modes to really keep you engaged. The main weakness with the campaign is reading the chat boxes. Would have been better with some decent voice acting. Seems to be a complaint of mine a lot with a ton of games lately. There is plenty more to do with survival and training and others. There is also plenty of unlockables, and things to be found in game to fill your time. 

I enjoy the music and sounds, some of the voices in game can be kind of annoying though. if your a fan of fighting games, I can see most enjoying this title. Just don't expect a large AAA title even though it has that same price point. Its without question a small and fresh company, and that shows in a lot of areas. Although they still get a lot right as well. In my opinion the positives out weigh the negatives. I could see with some DLC this game becoming a nice little indie hit for Sony's library.
Pros: Characters and Backgrounds look Great
Music and sounds are pleasant
Plenty of modes, and unlockables
Classic fighter feel
Cons: Campaign kind of weak
Overall: 7.0 Not perfect, but a pretty damn good Nineties 2D fighter clone, loaded with classic monsters you know and love.

"Colin Thiele's Storm Boy The Game"

"Colin Thiele's Storm Boy The Game"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Platforms: Steam, Mobile, Xbox, PS4, and Switch
Developed by: Blowfish Studios
Published by: New Holland Publishers

In 1964 in Australia there started a very popular book called Storm Boy, and in 2018 Blowfish Studios made it a videogame. You know here we don't like to bash games especially Indie ones like this. We feel it is some one's art, and always beautiful in some way. Storm Boy is certainly beautiful. From it's beautiful take on the beaches of South Australia, to it;s peaceful and delightful music. The thing is though everything else it just falls really , really short. Speaking of short I guess you can't expect much when you can complete a game in ten minutes. That would be okay if it was a fun ten minutes, but it isn't. Storm Boy is a mix of storytelling and mini games, and on both fronts it falls really short in those regards. The storytelling is done so by reading text that pops up on the screen. It is interesting to a point, but feel it would have been so much better narrated by some Australian voice actor. How hard could it get some one to read a few lines for a ten minute videogame.To me this is a major minus for the title. With the beautiful backgrounds, and music would have felt so much better delivered by nice narration. So on to the mini games. How hard is it to throw a couple fun games together, to actually make the game playable, or replayable even. There is even an achievement for playing them over, just to make you suffer the boredom a second time around. The mini games are made up of really boring things like picking up seas shells, drawing in the sand with a stick, and throwing a ball out into the ocean so a Pelican brings it back to you. Not a single one of them is fun or make you want to play them again. To be honest I feel this was just a cash grab of the success of a really popular book. The story of the book is delivered some what, and there is a moment of enjoyment, and sadness like the book, but it just falls really really short of it.
The only real reason I can say to purchase this is if you want easy Achievements or Trophies. Can't really base a game or score on that. Ratlaika games make these easy to complete Achievement/Trophy hunter games, but least they make it fun, and make a cheap indie that you don't regret purchasing after. If you actually purchased this game I could see you being upset. I see why there is so many 1 star reviews in the marketplace, because it just isn't worth the purchase. I've seen some really good reviews, even people talking "Game of the Year" I guarantee they didn't purchase this game. I know a lot of hunters will grab this one, play it once and uninstall. like I did. I bet a lot will go to their marketplace and ask for a refund. I didn't because i used some credit I had, If I grabbed with real money would be very tempted. So if your an Achievement hunter I certainly recommend this for a quick score grab, but your not going to have any fun with it. It just falls short on all levels.

Pros: Looks Beautiful
Enjoyable Soundtrack and Sounds
Easy Achievements

Cons: Boring and lifeless Mini Games
Bland Storytelling
Beyond Short, under ten minutes
No replay value

Overall: 3.0 A game Achievement hunters might want to pick up, but will more than likely regret. A retelling of a classic book, delivered in a boring and lifeless game.

"Gods Remastered"

"Gods Remastered"
Review by: Carless Yen
Remastered by: Robot Riot UG
Platforms: PC, PS4, NS, X1

To the gamers in here alive in the 90's you might remember a game on the Amiga/Atari ST called Gods from the Bitmap Brothers. To the ones that didn't here is your chance because it's on every platform now thanks to the team at Robot Riot. So how does it hold up in this generation, and how does it hold up to the original? I've seen a lot of negative reviews, and I think it is from people who didn't play the original, and probably had never even heard of it before. I say this because they did an amazing job giving it the same feel as the original. I hear complaints like to difficult and clunky controls. Well you don't remaster a game, and completely change it. They made it feel just like the original classic. Also in my opinion difficult isn't a negative while doing reviews. You wouldn't lower a score on Dark Souls or Nioh score saying to difficulty. As far as the remaster it looks beautiful, and I love how you can click the control stick and transfer in game back and forth between new and old graphics. The difference is mind blowing, and the colors are just so vibrant and a pleasure on the eyes. The other major difference is framerate. It was brought up form 17 fps to a constant 60 which is so much smoother.
I can't really tell you much about the story, because it's a game from the 90's so it's mostly just gameplay not a real big story driven title. It's mainly about solving puzzles, cleaning out dungeons, and completing the game. The plot pulled from the games introduction goes as this. "Four guardians" have invaded and usurped the citadel of the gods. The gods offer any hero who can succeed in retaking the citadel one favor. The hero who comes forth immediately asks the gods as their favor to be granted a seat among them as an equal. The gods are only comforted by the hope the hero fails. After the last boss is beaten, the gods prove true to their word and the last image is the hero's body becoming a being of light as he ascends to Mount Olympus.That doesn't matter really because this one is all about the gameplay,and all the levels are the same, and perfect setup for Speed Runners. I think it would actually be a fun game to attempt speed running, and watch speedrunning on.
I really feel if you loved the original you will love this as well. The beautiful new look, the smooth and better controls, just bring it to the new Gen perfectly. They stayed true to the material while making it look and feel better. Only thing really different is the new menu music, because everyone knows how difficult and annoying music rights are these days. It wasn't a turn off for me at all, being a reviewer I get the difficulties of getting the rights, and overlook it. I also feel you will love this game if your a speed runner or fan of platformers. There is just a ton of replayability, so if that is something you look for to as well you should enjoy. I'm not going to say it is for everyone though based on other reviews I have read on it, but I think if you enjoy retro style games it's probably for you. I don't have a lot of negative to say about this one based off my play of it.

Pros: Looks amazing
The Controls and gameplay so smooth and precise.
Stays true to the original
Tons of replay value
Perfect for Speedrunning
Great Difficulty

Overall: 7.8 Perfect game for retro lovers, and speedrunners. A most own for fans of the classic, A perfect Remaster.

Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

"Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom"
Reviewed By: Carless yen
Developer: FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG
Platforms: Playstation 4,Nintendo Switch,Xbox One,PC
Oh Wow this review might be huge, because I can't wait to talk about this game. Monster Boy is about a little boy who transformed into a pig by his uncle early in the game. Not just you but the entire village. It isn't the real character of your uncle though, so you go on a journey to turn everyone, and yourself back. As you progress you unlock other characters you can use each having their own special abilities. Games like this show the time that went into developing them. The reason I say this because every area is accessed by the different abilities. To me that shows they put in a ton of work developing this game. You can become a dragon that flies and breathes fire, so you can use him to burn things to get to new places or reach high places. You Unlock a Lion that can run across water or break blocks while running, A frog that can use his tongue to swing to high places. I won't spoil them all , but they are amazing to look at and play with. I don't think I liked any character more than the other. I loved them all so very well designed and a blast to try out. 

The world is just beautiful and well put together. with so many hidden things to find from chests, to music sheets, to new weapons and armour. Everything is so well put together, and I just had so much fun on this adventure. This to me is how retro arcade games should be made. This and Shantae both took me back to the days when I first discovered the Legend of Zelda on the NES console. Games like these really give you everything. They consume time. I think I spent over 25 hours trying to 100% thism they give you great stories and adventure. Spot on controls. It also is so appealing to the eyes. I can't get over how beautiful this game is. I felt so strongly about this title If it came out before I did my Awards it would have been Game of the Year. I think with the upcoming line up next year I think it could very much grab that title in 2019. So I don't think I need to tell you that I think you should go out , and grab it . I think everyone should. In my opinion the best game of 2018.
So much stuff to do, and find. So many different characters. So much beautiful areas to explore , and discover. I could sing this games praises all day, but I don't want to spoil the adventure for anyone reading this who might grab it. I think all of you should, but I know these small arcade titles aren't always huge sellers, but this one should be. I received this game as a review copy digital, but I plan on buying a physical copy of this to add to my collection. I think on the Switch , because this is the type of game I'd really enjoy on there. So will you.

Pros; Bright, Beautiful,and colorful areas
Tons of replay value and hidden items
Amazing Story and Adventure
Wonderful and unique characters
Delightful Music
Hours and Hours of gameplay
Cons: None
Overall: "10" Perfection in my opinion the best video game of 2018, and to be honest one of the best indie arcade titles of all times. A can't miss adventure that will delight you the same way Zelda does. Just amazing game developing here.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Devious Dungeon

"Devious Dungeon"
Developed by: Woblyware & Ravenous Games
Published by: Ratalaika Games S.L
Platforms: Switch, PC, Ps4, and Xbox One

Devious Dungeon is a retro style platformer, that i just feel in love with from the start. The levels are randomly generated so it is never the same. Every level has a key, and a door to escape and you must find both to escape. There are 5 different worlds, and each of them have a end boss. There are 68 levels in all so you have to complete about 13 levels to reach the boss. Those levels are divided into 3 or 4 sections. When you defeat a section it unlocks it for replay, and let's you advance to the next. You have a certain amount of health to finish each section if you die you have to completely restart the section. You can get health flasks throughout the level, or level up and get all your health back which is good. Especially if you find a hidden Tome that gives you a vast amount of XP. There are also hidden chests to that will give you money. Money is used to purchase weapons, armor, rings, amulets, and potions each of these raise one of the stats Dex, Str, or Sta so you can raise your health, critical, or hit power. There are tons of these that all look cool and unique so you will enjoy unlocking them.. I was so excited as I got new ones, so many cool looks.
The bosses and enemies are really cool and unique and have so many different attack patterns so you have to pay attention and learn them. It isn't simple at all, but it also isnt incredibly hard. The bosses are like a dragon, a golem, just some really really cool looking characters. I loved every second of this game, and i really can't find many issues with it. It ran so smooth, no glitches, and the controls were precise. Everything about it was just fun, and really retro feeling. The graphics and colors all felt like a 16 bit title from the 90s on the SNES, as well as the sounds.
Ratalaika Games has been making a lot of really fun games. You always hear about how easy the achievements are, and how the five dollar purchase for a fast easy 1000 is worth it. What needs to also be said is that the titles are really enjoyable. They all make you feel like the days of the NES/SNES where you had high quality little games that you could play over and over. Some times my buddy comes over, and I let him play these because a lot are short and sweet and to pad his gamerscore and he actually has a good time playing them after he gets the 1000. Ratalaika Games in my opinion is one of the best indie studios of 2018. They have really made my job of reviewing games a blast.
No pros or cons on this one, because I really don't have a lot of cons to throw out there. And they certainly don't come close to all the pros.

Overall: 9.2 Another really fun retro feeling game that all achievement hunters you should grab, but also fans of the classic NES/SNES title lovers as well.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Guns, Gore, And Cannoli 2

"Guns, Gore, And Cannoli 2"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Platforms: Switch, Xbox, PS4, and Steam
Developed by: Crazy Monkey Studios

If you follow us you know how much we loved the first title. Always though it would be hard to beat it as well. Saying that I feel the sequel might actually be a little bit better then the original, but not by a whole lot. The first one was amazing and so is the sequel. You return as the original Vinnie but can pick thru a whole bunch of other characters. The story this time is the Nazis want your blood to create a serum to be immune to the zombie armies they have created, and you want to stop them. That simple yet that epic. There are a few surprises a long the way we won't spoil, but If you played the original you will enjoy them.
It looks and feels exactly like the first one so no need to comment on that, and just like the first has tons and tons of weapons. There are tons of different enemies as well. From gangstas, cops, zombies, monsters, soldiers, and Nazis you will have hours of fun blasting through them all. There are also really well designed bosses that will certainly test you, and make you figure out how to defeat them. I really enjoyed this aspect of the game. They are rally rememberable as well. Think the thing that puts the sequel a little ahead of the original is the bosses for me. I love how it sets itself up for a pretty cool third installment as well. I really hope they are already working on it because I'm hyped for it.
There is nothing bad I can say about this game really. Some of the most fun I've had this year gaming. The achievements are fun, the story is fun, everything about it is just a blast. It will without question be considered whenever we talk about our games of the year. Even the fact it's Coop, and online Coop at that makes this a modern day Contra like title that you can play over and over with your friends. It releases the 12th, and I say don't miss out on it if you love little Indie platformers that bring the COOP fun.
I don't think i need to do Pros and Cons this time. I think the pros are everything I loved about the first magnified, and the cons are to little to even talk about. So just give a overall score, and show just how much we loved Guns, Gore, And Cannoli 2.

Overall Score: 9.8 One of the best arcade Coop games of 2018. Don't miss it Hours of fun to be had with your fellow family. "Capiche"

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

"Flipping Death"

"Flipping Death"
Reviewed By: Carless Yen
Developer: Zoink Games
Platforms: Switch, PS4, And Xbox One

Ever played a game from the developer "Zoink Games" if not I don't know what your waiting for make this be your first. Actually go back, and play "Stick it to the Man" or "Zombie Vikings" which ever option you choose you won't be disappointed. There is just something special about all of their titles, and I have found myself falling in love with their work over and over again. I don't know if it is the hilarious voice acting and writing, The off the wall storytelling, or the really original look and feel to their games that make you know your playing a Zoink game as soon as it starts. My feeling it is probably all of the above. Flipping Death is no different. I was in love with this game five minutes in, and didn't want to take a break from it to start the review. We however know with getting these games come the responsibility of letting people know what we felt about it, even if it means sitting the controller down a few minutes to type something out about it. So lets get this done so I can get back to playing Flipping Death.
Flipping death is about a girl named Penny who is recently deceased and approached by the Grim reaper. He wants to go on a vacation, and wants to leave her in charge until he returns. I know hilarious idea already, but it only gets better as Penny has to help people by crossing in and out of the spirit, and living world.. She goes in and out using people from both to complete objectives for characters in both worlds. Like every Zoik game the characters are just crazy and funny as hell. The dialogue will have you in stitches from start to finish. The puzzles are fairly simple, so you will solve most just with trial and error, so your enjoyment won't dwindled any by difficult gameplay. You will be able to enjoy all the wonderful writing, and laughs.
The game looks like a typical Zoink game. Really nice looking level design that has a retro look to it while still having a special dark look and feel to it. If you never played a Zoink game I would say it has a Castle Crashers feeling to it, another game I hold a really special spot in my heart for. Zoink games deliver that same type of quality in my opinion. It is easy to decipher the living world from the spirit world, and the characters from both making it really easy to follow and enjoy.
Should you get "Flipping Death"? usually I put something here like if your a fan of so and so, but this one if your a fan of gaming period I think you should grab this one. The positives for this game far outweigh the negatives, and this game really shines above any categories I could try to put it in. Do yourself a favor, and just grab it.

Pros: Some of the best writing, and voice acting you'll find
Wonderful looking art, and level design.
Loaded with laughs and personality
Simple puzzles, and enjoyable gameplay
Cons: It has to end,6 or 7 hours just not enough for me and this game.

Overall: 9.0 Flipping Death is another unforettable title by those guys at Zoink games. Penny's adventure is one you'll laugh through from start to finish.When it is all said and done it will have made a spot in your heart, and a gaming memory you'll hold dear always.


Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Publisher: Ratalaika Games S.L.
Developer: UFO Crash games
Platforms: Switch, Xbox, PC, PS4, Vita

Fullblast is another installment from those wonderful guys at Ratalaika Games S.L. making games to help pad our gamerscores. I think I got the full 1000 in about fifteen to twenty minutes. I think I completed the full game all twelve levels in about two hours. I had a good time doing so, so I didn't mind the shortness of it, because that and the Coop mean it is something that will certainly mean a lot of replay value. It is without question worth the small price tag attached to it of around five dollars. If your a achievement hunter, you will with out question be adding this to that list of must pick ups.
Fullblast reminds me of a modern reimagination of "Xevious" or "Tiger Heli" and it is just as fun as those. Loaded with all kinds of alien baddies, and really cool boss fights fans of the ship shooters will have a last with this one, One might say you'll have a "Fullblast" with this one. I know cheesy sorry, but the games not it's a blast from start to finish. The graphics bring a more modern look to it, with a modernized look. Nice looking backgrounds, and really good looking enemies and bosses. The bosses are all really different and unique, and make you discover their weaknesses. All kinds of different pickups as well that change your weapon layout and make things feel different every time.The music , and sounds are pretty good as well. enjoyed the rock soundtrack mixed with classic feeling game sounds.
All in all I had a good time with "FullBlast" it isn't a game that is going to blow you away, but it also isn't a game you will regret buying. Especially if your a fan of collecting Achievements or Retro titles. It will fill a evening of fun with a friend, or alone, and there isn't much more you can ask then that when dropping around five dollars for a game.So grab the controllers, a friend and rid the planet of these pesky invaders this evening you will be glad you did.

Pros: Nice Retro feel, mixed with a dash of modern feel
Gnarly Soundtrack, Rocking out til the end
Coole Enemies, and bosses keep you on your toes
Coop, and Shortness gives a Contra like Replay value
Awesome Pickups that change the low of combat

Cons: A little on the short end
Think a little under developed, could have been great

Overall: FullBlast is a good game that probably could have been great with a little more time put into it. Still it is very fun, It is a must play for fans of the genre, and Achievement Hunters. Hopefully these guys make a sequel or another game. Hope they really put some time into it, because they really left me wanting more. wanting more of the same, but a more complete experience.

Friday, August 31, 2018


Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Platforms Xbox One and Switch
Developer: Angry Mob Games

I wanted to love Brawlout everything looks and sounds good on paper. A Smash Bros clone could play elsewhere besides Nintendo with some characters from other games like Juan from Guacamelee, Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter, and Yooka-Laylee they all fit really well into the main starting 9 lineup. There are also a total of 15 other character variants to unlock, but it all really seems like a chore. Even more so when the online play is so unreliable. Matches are just coming to a early end constantly. There is a Brawlout tv to watch other people play, and it is as unreliable as the games them self. It may run better on the Switch, but i highly doubt that. The couch co-op and single player run really smooth though. So if you wanted to play this at home with friends would really be your best option right now.
The combat is fun, but can be annoying as sometimes it is near impossible to stop a chain attack at times, but there is a rage meter that combats this pretty well. When meter is full, and you engage it your harder to knock back, and your knock backs are stronger. This really comes in handy especially in situations when battling characters likeJuan that can really be a hassle. The game looks amazing though.The thirteen different levels are so bright and colorful, and they all are really unique compared to the others. Its certainly one of the bright spots of the game how the characters and stages look so nice. They did a really nice job with the development as far as look, and sounds. The sounds fit perfectly as does the soundtrack. Even your sitting there looking at Brawlout it looks like it is going to be amazing. The only downfall is the actual play. You can tell Angry Mob has high hopes though, they plan to add tons of additions to this game. I'm hoping some are more Indie game characters like maybe Super Lucky or Gianna Sisters. They also plan weekly tournaments so so hopeful they get the connection issues worked out. This game could be a huge hit if they iron all this out, and draw some people in. Brawlout has all the potential in the world, and I'm really cheering for it. I will certainly revisit it soon to see how the progress is going.
Everything about brawlout shows it is going to be around awhile from tourneys, BrawlTv, unlockables, etc just the unreliability and combat make me feel different. We will revisit this one I promise, but as of right now the game barely surpasses mediocrity. let's keep our fingers crossed, and hope Brawlout pulls it together with updates and becomes what we think it can.

Pros: Beautiful Levels and Character design.
Tons of unlockables, and replayability
Loaded with potential for future greatness
Music and sounds are great
Couch Coop and single player runs smooth

Cons: Unreliable online play
Combat can be frustrating

Overall: 6.8 Brawlout has tons of potential to be a Smash bros inspired clone that hits the mark, and stays around awhile. Unfortunately it misses the mark early, and needs a lot of work.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

"Tyler Model 005"

"Tyler Model 005"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen
DEVELOPER: Reversed Interactive
PUBLISHER: Maximum Games
Platforms: PC and XBox One X

Tyler Model 005 is a cute little game about a robot who wakes up one day from a power down during a storm. He must now find out what happened to him, and his creator. The story to Tyler model 005 is just great, kind of reminds me of Wall-E meets Back to the Future. Its loaded with great voice acting, and really delightful characters. Especially Tyler he is a adorable robot that you can customize by finding clothing items hidden through out the levels. These count as collectibles, and you can combine certain ones to create outfits that aid in your journey. You can be all types of things from a boxer to a ninja, and all of them are just adorable they can be quite powerful. One even shocks every enemy that comes into range of its electric blast. You don't even have to use your weapon anymore after that, and game becomes so simple to level up after that. You can discover these combos by experimenting or just looking for combo cards hidden in the levels.
The graphics are just impressive for a indie title. It looks just amazing like it was pulled straight off the pages of a comic. The 1950s theme is also a welcome change, your world is your home. You explore every inch of it from Attics, living rooms, to even basements, sewers , and garage. Each location is beautifully designed full of deadly insects like bees, ants, and spiders well deadly to a tiny robot like you anyways. They try to keep you from your discoveries rather it is obtaining your memories, collectibles, or turning on lights. Tyler needs light to survive, he loses battery power in the dark, so most of your early play will be turning on lanterns and lights. There is hours and hours of exploration to be had with Tyler. I think I spent about 10 hours with Tyler, and I enjoyed every second of it. The beautiful areas, sounds and voice acting, cute characters, as well as hidden items and areas will probably leave you wanting more like I did. Thats a good thing, because each level also has a extra challenge hidden with it that encourages replay.
Should you buy Tyler Model 005? That depends on your feeling towards single player exploration games. If you love looking for hidden items on beautiful levels that encourage climbing items larger than you, and walls. Even a coffee cup or flower pot is a climb for you, and it just feels amazing. I loved this one. It was pretty much perfect most indies are short, or the graphics aren't there, or the story just doesn't blow you away. Tyler has all of that Cute robots, robust and beautiful levels, a interesting story, time travel, killer insects, tons of collectibles and customization options. I loved every second of it.

Pros: Beautiful well designed levels
Cute robots with great voice actors
Interesting story
Replay value, Collectibles, and fun Achievements
Cons: Controls can be a little clunky at times
Can be repetitive a little towards the end

Overall: 8.8 Love robots, time travel, and a story that pills you in? Then your going to love Tyler Model 005, one of those sneak up on you surprise games of the year so far.