Sunday, September 29, 2019

"The Adventures of Elena Temple"

"The Adventures of Elena Temple"
Developer: GrimTalin
Publisher: Grimtalin
Reviewed by: Carless Yen
The Adventures of Elena Temple is a monochromatic puzzle platformer that leads you to believe came from the 80's In my own personal opinion I think it would have been a classic if this were true. I feel it is one of the best modern retro games of this Generation, and think everything about it is nearly perfect. You can choose to play it on 7 different retro consoles. Pomo D'or 4, to Maple and Some Toy and all the way to the NS-Bos PC they all look different , but have the same exact content so you can try them all from the start or even mid game and never break stride. You play as Elena the adventurer and you have to make your way through over 50 different rooms. There are even more on the Xbox version i believe so it's the edition you with out question want. Each room contains coins, Vases, enemies, and traps. The objective is to collect all the Gems and coins and escape the dungeons. You have to have all 8 gems to escape, but not all the coins. Once you see that mini map though and the room completion check mark on it I have a hard time believing you won't go back and find everything. There is even a few hidden items i won't spoil here, but may have helped you find them in the video review.

There are a ton of really cool enemies like giant bats, scorpions and cool traps and secrets. It will test you, but never really frustrate you. You only have two bullets so some times you have to figure out how to advance using only two shots. I like this aspect. I also like the Achievements that encourage replay. Some are for only killing a certain amount of enemies, or only firing so many shots so your really going to want to replay it. There is also two different choose from. I wish there was a couple more so i'd still be playing this right now. I didn't want to step away from it, but then I completed it. I will be going back for the Achievements though. I can honestly say I was getting kind of addicted to 100% this game , so I had to step away to review it. I got a ton of reviews coming so trying to knock them out, but I know I'll be returning to Elena's Adventure. I think you would as well. It's a perfect game for speed running. and hope a lot of people add this to their runs. It shows how long you played, how many enemies killed, how many coins, and gems you've collected so its perfect for that genre. There is also a ton of ways to make your way around the map, so could see it being very interesting to watch people's different runs.

Is this for you? I think if you love retro games or speed running this is a must own. I can say with ease one of the best modern retro games this year, and probably this Generation. It;s all put together so perfectly to look, sound, and feel like a remake of a classic and like I said earlier if it was around then I feel it would be a classic. So take my word on this as some one who adores retro gaming this is a can't miss.

Pros: Looks and feels really retro
Cool idea playing it on different screens
Addictive journey
Spot on controls and perfect level design
Cons: Wish there was more, hopefully soon.there will be
Overall: 9.5 A can't miss for retro fans. Elena's adventure is a unforgettable perfectly designed modern retro master piece that I'll never forget. I can see Speed runners running this game for years to come.


"Rex Rocket"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Platforms: Xbox and Steam
Developer: Castle Pixel
Publisher: Castle Pixel
Rex Rocket is a Retro 2D scroller that was insoired by classic 8 bit games like Mega Man and Castlevania. You play as either Captain Rexford or Rexanna in your trusty ship the SS Montana on a mission for The Council of Science that involves transplanting bio-engineered Terra-Oozlings onto an uninhabited planet on the other side of the galaxy. While your crew is in Cryo-Sleep the Oozlings escape and take over your ships AI. You must make your way through over 100 hand crafted levels of the ship. Loaded with secrets, weapons, collectibles, and power ups. While rocking out to awesome original chiptunes soundtrack by Saskrotch. You can find items to increase your health bar, special weapons bar, and grenade bar. There are also tons of different weapons dropped by each enemy. Each one has a different special fire from rail gun, auto, tracking missiles, rockets, shotgun, etc. Like Mega Man each boss is weak to different ones.

The bosses are really amazing to. Each one very unique and different then the others. You have to learn each of their attack patterns to be successful. You can't really run and gun on them. Maybe some early. There are also really difficult jumps through out the game you have to time just right so it's a good thing the controls are so spot on. It will really test your hand eye coordination. I can see this being another speed runners delight. I've played a few games of late like that. mainly because some the Achievements really have that in mind. Like there are some for beating it in a certain amount of time, and some for doing it without dying a certain amount of times. It really just begs to be speed ran, and I'd enjoy seeing it as well.

So far this month we have really played some great retro inspired titles. I love that, because it's the time of the year when all the AAA titles are dropping, and these little Indie gems are still right there grabbing great scores. They are giving the old 8 bit and 16 bit fans a modern take on the games they loved, and doing so quite beautifully. Rex Rocket does the same. It looks and feels a lot like Mega man, but it delivers a lot of special things of it's own. If you loved Mega Man, or retro games in general grab "Rex Rocket" it's a lot of fun. it's also a real test at times.

Pros: Fun Chiptunes
100 levels all feel different, and challenging
Cool Characters and NPCs
Good story for a retro Indie title
Lots of items to find
Tons of replay especially Speed running
Cons: Wish you went off ship some, change of scenery
Overall: 8.8 Another great Retro inspired title that you shouldn't miss out on. You can tell it's inspired by Mega Man and that is a good thing, because it delivers the same kind of fun.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Ratalaika Games Double Review"

Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Jesse Makkonen
Platforms: Steam, Switch, Xbox, PS4, Vita

Distraint is a creepy little 2D psychological horror adventure where you play as Price a man who seizes a elderly ladies apartment and begins a war inside himself with humanity and morals. The story is truly excellent I enjoy every second of it, and really can't wait for the sequel.
It's really a beautiful hand drawn experience as well. Love how all the characters look, and the environments are really scary at times. You wouldn't expect that from a little indie 2D horror game like this. I was really surprised with this one. I didn't expect to enjoy it like I did. Seems like everything just blended together so nicely. The music, the story, the look and feel was just so perfectly put together, that I didn't want it to end. Was kind of sad it ended so soon though. It's really. really short though my only complaint really. Was able to finish it in under a hour. The Achievements can be missed though so you will more than likely go back into it right after if you are a person who likes to complete everything like myself.
I loved the music I can't say that enough, I loved it there is one part where they play some really nice Jazz and I just didn't want to leave that part of the game for awhile. Hope they put the soundtrack in the extras soon.
There isn't really a ton else more to say about this I didn't cover here or the video so I'll end it with this. If you like horror games, collecting Achievements, stories about battling inner demons this game is with out question for you. If you give it a try, let us know. Would love to hear more from you guys. Especially when it comes to reviews. Some times it feels like no one even looks at these. Love to get you guys and gals impressions on the games as well.

Pros: Really Creepy Atmosphere
Fun well written characters and story
Addictive music and eerie scene setting sounds
beautiful hand drawn graphics

Cons: A little short, but sequels coming

Overall: 7.3 Ratalaika games best horror game so far, hope to see them put out a lot more. This one is just so well put together, everything blends into a really enjoyable affordable indie horror game.

Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Breakfast Studios
Platforms: Steam, Vita, Switch, Xbox, PS4

There is a reason i did this as a double review, because there isn't a ton you can really say about Himno. It's just a very simple relaxing game. It is a non death platformer where you just jump, dash, and slide your way through Districts. If you fall you just start over, and get to collect a wisp you collected in previous run. I never really understood what each one did, but you can certainly tell your improvements as you collect them. Thats the thing about Himno the longer you keep your run going and advance the games entire vibe changes,It's beautiful to hear the music change, and the world light up around you. It is really a relaxing way to spend a evening. It has a lot of replay value as well for a game in that Ratalaika 5 Dollar range.
I really recommend this to some one wanting to add a relaxing affordable title to their collection. Or any one Achievement/Trophy hunting. I got every Achievement in under thirty minutes I believe. In typical Ratalaika fashion though I kept going and enjoying. It isn't a game that's going to blow your mind, and your going to be talking about for years to come, but it's a game that your going to enjoy a evening or two with, and maybe even come back to a few times later on when you don't fill like putting a ton of effort or stressing over a game. I think it's certainly worth a play. There not being much to do doesn't make it a bad game, or lower the score. Some times you want a simple enjoyable game, and this will satisfy that category perfectly.

Pros: Looks and Sounds really cool as you advance
Simple, relaxing, and affordable
Simple Achievements/Trophies
Cons: Not a lot to it really
Overall: 6.9 Not Ratalaika's worst game , but certainly their most relaxing. Looking for some stress free gaming fun don't think twice about grabbing Himno.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

"River City Girls"

"River City Girls"
Reviewed By: Carless Yen
Publisher: Arc System Works, Wayforward, H2 Interactive
Developer: WayForward
Director: Adam Tierney and Bannon Rudis
Composers: Megan McDuffee, Chipzel,
NateWantsToBattle, Dale North, Christina Vee
Designers: Nick Garcia, Kay Yu
Programmers: James Guintu, Hayden Sterling, David To, Kameron Beck, Midori "Murasaki" Sato
Artist: Rem
Platforms: Switch, PS4, Steam, Xbox
I usually don't put all that info above about every single person almost responsible. but we don't always get games like "River City Girls" either. Every one on this project deserves their names in lights, and here at Gamer Guys and Gals they are going to get those lights. You already know how this review is going to end by the first few sentences and that is okay. Nearly everything about "River City Girls" is perfection. I never give perfect scores, but there is no way I couldn't do so for this title. Wayforward delivers again. The whole team does really. I went into this game really a little worried. I grew up on River City Ransom playing it nonstop with my buddies Jared and Wes. We loved everything about it. Getting your guy so powerful, and just running through enemies destroying them all with your really fun move sets and weapon choices. So when i saw this was coming I worried a lot it would let me down. I was wrong and should have known better when I saw WayForward attached to it. Before I even start to really get into it. I'm just going to say it right out this will be in my game of the year considerations, and it's going to take something truly amazing to come out to take that crown from it along with game soundtrack of the year as well. The composers on this game just killed it. They change up a lot of the old music from the original to make it fresh, and add some really killer new music as well. I found myself playing levels over just to hear certain songs. I found the soundtrack on Youtube now so that's good. Hopefully I can grab one of those physical releases, before they sell out with a soundtrack.
The art style is amazing as well. All the really amazing characters look awesome. There are cameos as well, and they look really great to. There is hilarious comic strips and cut scenes and they are just beautiful to look at, and hysterical. The levels all 6 different parts of the city just vary so much, and keep it from looking or feeling repetitive. I just couldn't wait to find the next area, and see what it looked like. Every thing just looks so good. It took three years to make this game and it shows. It looks , plays, and sounds nearly perfect. Only issue I had was when you choose to go to the next area you have to hit the "X" button. That is also the main attack button so you found yourself leaving in the middle of a intense battle or while looting for coin. That is the only issue I found with entire game. That is a easy fix so I didn't hold it against them. There is no way I could let something so minor effect the score on a masterpiece like this,
The voice acting is also outstanding. You really love and get a kick out of every character. From the main characters to even the store keepers. I don't know how many times I laughed out loud to a cut scene or something said in game. They story is just outstanding as well. I was drawn in from start to finish. never have I played a beatemup that delivered on this end so well. I'd have to go all the way back to "Scott Pilgrim":or "Castle Crashers" to find a beatemup to even come close to this quality. Also I know it has nothing to do with "River City Girls" but can we get "Scott Pilgrim on physical or back in the marketplace where it belongs. I'm tired of seeing amazing classics like it just disappear where younger fans don't get to experience it. There is a physical release for "River City Girls: with Limited Run Games but the preorders stop on the 27th. Do not miss out on owning this and putting it in the hands of Digital marketplaces. "Scott Pilgrim" a perfect example of what you have to lose when you don't grab a physical copy. I hope they don't sell out before I can grab mine.
Now we will go into the game a lot more. River City Girls stars Kyoko and Misako, two street-tough high-schoolers who must fight their way through the six regions of River City to rescue their kidnapped boyfriends, series mainstays Kunio and Riki. The girls are so funny and delightful, you won't want to step away from them until you finish, and even then you will be ready to go back in again after that. It follows the same game play as the original almost to a tee. You battle through areas defeating enemies who drop coins, you then use these coins to purchase food and personal items. All these items will upgrade your character making them stronger. The items only work once though as far as upgrading the abilities , but still deliver in recovering your stamina. That is main difference in the game in original you could just grind out coin, and buy things and make yourself a unstoppable force. That was a lot of fun to just run through the game with friends mowing down enemies. River City Girls keeps it pretty tough all the way to the end. I kind of wish at the end you'd get something to make you super strong for when you ran back through levels doing side quests, but I understand them not doing that as well. There are a ton of side quests to get a complete game so more than likely when you finish it you ill still have more to do , and buy. The Stats are
ST (Stamina):
SP (Special):
AT (Attack):
AG (Agility):
WP (Weapon):
LK (Luck):
When you purchase stuff it adds to these, and when you level up it does as well. You even learn new moves. There are a tons of moves you can learn from leveling up and also from purchasing them at a Dojo. Misako's Stone Hands or Kyoko's Dragon Feet you start with, and they use SP. The meter goes down when you use them, and grows as you hit and defeat enemies. You will also have guys surrender when your beating them up. You can recruit these characters to call in for help from time to time. They can really be useful in areas loaded with enemies. Pretty much every enemy an be recruited and have their own special attack when called in. The controls are pretty simple until you get into the many , many moves you can unlock. You have a light and strong attack, double tap a direction to run. You can also jump, and jump off walls. It performs perfectly in all the movements. I experienced no issues at all during my time with it.
There are so many cameos in this game as well. from the original game, Super Dodgeball, Double Dragon, and more. It was really exciting finding them hidden in there. I really need to wrap this up, but I just can't stop talking about River City Girls. As a reviewer it can get kind of stale.Playing things that feel the same over and over. When something like this jumps into your lap you remember why you do this. You remember why you love games and the gaming industry. I haven't felt close to this this year except for my time with Holmade Games "Purple Chicken Spaceman" both this and it will be in my head when it's time at the end of the year to talk about Game of the Year.Don't miss out on "River City Girls" especially if your a fan of Beatemups. as I close my review I also want to say if you have a young daughter you enjoy playing Coop games with introduce her to this. You can't have a better time gaming with some one then while playing a River City game. Also another really important last statement this is the type of female characters you want young growing women to identify with. Really strong female characters. I really applaud WayForward for going this direction, and think it deserves to be noticed and rewarded. We take a lot of pride in "And Gals" being in our name. and have thought about putting it first a lot of times, but it's a lot of things to change. This game does put the ladies first, and gives them the strength and power you like to see. So thank you River City Girls and thank you Wayforward for a unforgettable experience, and a game I'll remember the rest of my gaming life.
Pros: Beautiful art style (Comics,Characters, Cutscenes)
Really cool characters and bosses tons variety
Strong Female leads and characters
Maybe best soundtrack in a game of all-times
Limitless moves and items
Tons of replay
The areas, enemies, and bosses all unique
Cons: Need to change the next area button. Something other then the main attack button.
Overall: 10 River City Girls is the best beatemup of the year, and quite possibly all times. It delivers perfection with near flawless game play. beautiful art style, hilarious story and voice acting, and a soundtrack i'll be enjoying for years to come. Don't miss out on "River City Girls" you'll regret it.


Hello all! I got a video out here to showcase you all today Wreckfest, a demolition derby type game that came out quite recently. I've enjoyed it quite a bit since I started playing it. I've got a video if you wanna see the gameplay but if you don't want to hear my voice, I've got the written review below!
Wreckfest review
Review by Johnny Mero
Developed by Bugbear Entertainment
Published by THQ Nordic
Available on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows
When I look at Wreckfest, I immediately flash back to my childhood. Two particular games come to mind. Destruction Derby on the PlayStation and Crash N’ Burn on the PlayStation 2. All I really need to say is I love it a lot.
I’m not much of a racing game fan but i am a dirty racer when I do play them so this game fits me perfectly.
But let me talk about the game instead of my thoughts first. Wreckfest is a demolition derby racing game, which in best way I can describe, crashing a bunch of cars together in what can be the most chaos filled environment, plus you can like race and other fun stuff while you do it.
Gameplay is very solid and feels I would say a bit less like a simulation based, perhaps more like a Forza horizon kind of deal. The customization kind of reminds me a bit of Forza as well with its rating system for vehicles and purchasing of parts to increase the rating. There’s even tuning as well. I have no real issues with anything. Everything works quite well on my standard VCR Xbox One and I can drive a lawnmower.
Overall, this is a game I would prefer instead of most racing games like Forza or Need for Speed because I’m much more of a dirty racer myself, and anyone familiar with modern racing games should be able to get into this no problem, especially with the friend nudge. There’s still a lot more I’d love to see with this game in future updates, but it’s still a solid recommendation from me.
My Rating: 8/10