Thursday, December 22, 2016

Crypt of the Serpent King

"Crypt of the Serpent King"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen

Crypt of the Serpent King is a first person dungeon crawler where you battle enemies, collect keys and treasure chests, and battle bosses at the end of each level. There isn't much more to it than that. Moments in I realized why it was selling for such a low price. The fighting and controls are clunky, the dungeons bland and repetitive, I don't really think I could recommend it for the inexpensive price tag on it. I really could say it might be the worst Indie game I have had to review to date. There really isn't much going for it. I guess you could say cool looks enemies and weapons, each with their own unique styles. I really don't want to waste to much of your time reading this, just stay away from it. People love to say "Ride to Hell" is one of the worst games ever, but I'd rather play it every day for a week then sit through this again.

Pros: Cool enemies and weapons

Cons: Ugly repetitive dungeons
Bland sounds and music
Worst controls and fighting movements in any RPG ever
Overall: 2.0 You'll never get the hours back you waste on this title, so be thankful for our review, and spend your money on anything else. ANYTHING!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Walking Dead Season Three

"The Walking Dead Season Three"
Reviewed By: Carless

When it comes to TellTales Walking Dead series I'm hooked. I was a little worried I won't lie when I found out Clementine wouldn't be the main character. I was completely wrong to doubt these guys, because they deliver over and over. As far as storytelling TellTales delivers over and over, and season three is no different. I can without a doubt say they do a better job at delivering the iconic story of the comic than the television series does.Most time i'm bored watching the show, but TellTales is exciting and emotional from start to finish. Season three to me is a little darker with it's gore, as well as it's humor. From jokes with sexual innuendos, to drug use Walking Dead has delivered a even more realistic adult story that I'm sure will appeal to everyone.
This time you play as Javier a ex baseball player kicked out of the game for gambling on himself. He is a very likeable character, you find your self enjoying and laughing at most of his lines during the story. He was a really great surprise, as well as most of the new personalities. I can really say, I love most of the new additions to the game. They all are voice acted very well, and bring so much to the story. There is even a surprise character from the show, that shows up during the campaign. There is a ton of action, as well as surprises as you can always expect from Telltales. You can also expect a cliff hangar that leaves you counting down the days until the next episode arrives,
It is hard to really rate a game that isn't even half way into it. You really don't know how it all will end, if it will stay the high quality that it is. You kind of expect it based on their history, but you can't be really certain of it. My early impressions though, I put it right along side the second one as far as entertaining storytelling. It seemed to fly by, I was enjoying myself so much with it. Seems like we are going to get another classic that warrants itself as a Game of the Year Nominee, Everything so far is there that we loved about the first two installments. Laughs, surprises,heart felt moments and characters,nonstop action,and creepy/gory moments a plenty. Don't even hesitate if your on the fence with this one, you will not be disappointed.

Pros: Beautiful art design
Epic storytelling
Unforgettable characters, and brilliant voice acting
New improved look to the QTEs
Hilarious writing

Cons; The fact we have to wait for the rest is the only thing I'm let down by

Overall: 9.2 Epic Storytelling and characters we have gotten used to from this developer and franchise. A must own for all Walking Dead fans.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Bridge Constructor Stunts

"Bridge Constructor Stunts"
Carless Yen
Like the original Bridge Constructor it consists of physics based puzzles. You must build accurate bridges that will handle the weight of your vehicle. Only this time it must handle the weight of a jumping vehicle. The stunts edition adds a ton of new features. Now instead of watching a very boring truck drive itself over top the bridges, you control it. You determine its speed, and control it doing flips in mid air. It adds a ton of fun to the game in our opinion.It also adds to the whole style of the game. You don't have to just use your mind,but also must have the skill to land the truck as well. So it mixes hand/eye as well as mind. Nothing like trying to get that air time or flips achievement. Another cool thing is you can save your replays so you always have all your favorite stunts saved right there to view later.
The difficulty is still there as in the bridges still take a lot of trial and error, as well as thought and planning. You must build it strong enough to support the weight , but also build it to launch your vehicle in the direction of collectibles made up of stars, and bolts. Sometimes the mission can not be completed without collecting these. The toughness really ramps as you go as well, the first few levels you might get on your first couple runs, but by the end even the seasoned of puzzlers will be failing their fair share of times. The goals on each level also adds to the complication, and grind. That is where most the fun is though, in the learning as you go. So it is a even share of high flying fun, and mind testing designing.
The visuals aren't amazing. some of the levels all just look the same as far as background, but you'll barely notice as the stunt/bridge design is ever changing. So many fun, and difficult designs. The music is a blast as well. Really dug the main menu tune. It really blended well with all the fun of the game. There isn't a ton of replay value, but it isn't a short game either. I could see you spending many hours trying to master a single stage. It is going to give you hours of fun, at a very reasonable price. I think it is a better overall game than the original which was fun also. It brings a lot more variety to the genre with its updates.
Pros: Masterful level design
Cool Tunes
Hours of brain as well as hand/eye puzzling
Rad stunts, and replay added to capture them
Fun Achievements
Total control over the vehicle
Cons: Backgrounds kind of boring
Not a lot of replay value
Overall: 7.4 Bridge Constructor is great fun for everyone. The young gamer will enjoy the high flying and stunting truck while the experienced puzzler will enjoy the challenge of the bridge design.
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Saturday, December 10, 2016

I can say this rather easy that Overcooked, is one of the best couch Coop games of this generation of gaming. I really could say maybe one the best ever in the history of the genre. There are not a lot of games addictive, and as fun to play with someone as Overcooked. It is a blast, and really hard to step away from. It really makes me wish there was a Xbox Live option, because playing this with four friends would be amazing online. For the moment we will have to wait and hope one day soon it happens. They are already being very on top of it with the upgrades, and DLCs. So have a lot of hope this one hangs around a bit. Hoping it really catches on with a lot more people.
You play as chefs, there are different ones and you can also unlock more of them. There are even Christmas ones right now for the holiday. There is a character for everyone. You can play this alone, in a really fun, and challenging campaign. Or with 2 to 4 friends in coop or versus modes. The solo is just as fun, you get up to three stars a level, based on how well you do. Levels unlock as you go, and as you have earned enough stars to advance. It isn't easy at all, and could see people playing a lot of levels over. There are different stages as well, city, space, even underworld which makes since cause the main boss is the beast. You main objective is to stop him, and make sure the world doesn't come to a end. Its pretty comical story. Your objective is to make Hamburgers, Pizzas, Burritos, etc with out burning down the place. Racing a clock, and levels that change around you making you adjust. The experience is just exciting and leads to a ton of outbursts of laughter , as well as memories amongst your friends.
The music is fun, and fits right along into the game. The visuals are adorable, bright and colorful, There aren't a lot of negatives you can say about this game. It is pretty much flawless start to finish. Only thing I really could say is no online. That fact though I can't knock to many points off of it,because It is a Indie title and that feature can be really expensive. So it is understanding to me.
If your wondering if this is for you, I really believe it is. I really think this game is for just about everyone. Especially people who enjoy gaming with friends and family. I have no problem suggesting this to people, who ask me about Coop games to play with their children.
Pros: Exciting and Fast Paced
Loads of Laughter
Perfect Level Design
Fun Visuals and Sounds
Coop Excellence
Tons of Replay Value
Adorable Characters
Cons: No Online (Yet)
Overall: 9.9 This game is one of the most fun games to play with friends and family ever. I'd put it up there with classic Coop games like Contra, MineCraft, and Portal 2 as far as fun playing with people. With no Online it is hard to give it that 10, But I really believe it is coming soon.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Saturday Morning RPG

"Saturday Morning RPG"

Saturday Morning RPG is a old school style RPG , based on the 1980's. It is covered in nostalgia like your dad prob sothers himself in Old spice. You play as Martin “Marty” Michael Hall your every day average trapper keeper carrying high School student. Only thing is you have special powers, and abilities, and a pretty rad hoverboard. This makes you the only person who can stop the evil villain Commander Hood.He is based off the iconic Gi Joe villain from the 80s cartoon, like most things in this game. Care Bears, He-Man, you name it a likeness from the 80s pop culture Saturday morning cartoon will make a appearance sooner or later. Marty? Hoverboard? Sounds like I might have done this before.
The story is set into 5 episodes, and everyone of them is a blast if your into retro style RPG games. each one last 45 minutes to a hour, making the overall campaign 4 to 5 hours. There is plenty of replay value though, considering all the different powerups and items you get through out the game. Each having a different boost or skill so plenty of different ways to defeat your foes. It is a lot of fun discovering what each item you get does. Some will give you a shield, some turn you into a Optimus Prime that smashes through your enemies, to food items that heal.It doesn't tell you what the items do, the fun is learning mid battle.
The Design is fun, feels so 80s. The music is maybe the strongest aspect of the game. Saturday Morning RPG features a songs from legendary composer Vince DiCola. He is responsible for classics like Transformers. The music without a doubt has you feeling like Saturday mornings as a kid, with a television set and bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

Pros: Epic Soundtrack
Nostalgia Overload
Rad 1980's look and feel
Loads of different items to experiment with
Cons: Little short

Overall: 7.5 A really fun trip back to Saturday morning cartoons, sugary cereals for breakfast, trapper keepers, and blowing in cartridges.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tennis In The face

"Tennis In The face"
Tennis in the Face is another physics based puzzler from 10tons where your objective is to knock down different enemy types on the screen, with a limited amount of balls. Pete Pagassi the tennis pro you control has an addiction to Explodz energy soda. He goes on an attack of the manufacturers. Each level you take on a new company employee from the Clown mascot, to the PR Reps and chemists in hazmat suits. You even take on shielded security guard that you must attack from the back side. Once you take out all the levels some are repeated as boss battles, would been cool have actual bosses, or least one. Only difference in the Boss levels is you only get two balls. It makes it a little tougher to complete, but most you will get in a few tries. The greatest challenge comes in the Credits, where you have to take out the designers. It took me about 10 tries to get this, a really fun addition to the game.
There are environmental objects such as vending machines, scrap metal, and ball dispensers. You also have things like explosives, balloons, and glass. all these things either aid you in completing levels, or block your progress. I found this one easier than the others, I had completed it in under two hours. Kind of a let down, but at 5 dollars in Marketplace its worth it for a evening of fun and a easy 1000 achievement score. The Achievements are simple, and a blast except for the menu one which requires you to go idle on Menu for over a hour. The character hits balls off the game and developer logo collecting points, you have no control over this at all. It is pretty much just wasting time, and battery life to get the full 1000, but yes of course I did it.
Tennis in the Face is one of those Indie games to kill time when you don't wanna focus on a game to hard. Or if your in a party talking with friends, and don't want to miss out on a games story, because of your friends chatter. It is just a really simple, fun, chill game at a great price. You won't regret it, because there isn't many titles this inexpensive available to add to your collection.

Pros: Funny Story
Groovy Tunes
Easy Achievements
Intelligent Level design

Cons: Really Short
Super Simple at Times

Overall: 7.1 A really inexpensive, game to add to your collection, and chill way to spend a evening.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016 Game of the Year Awards

Our top 20 best games of 2016, and Games of the year. The Top 20 aren't in any certain order, just our 20 favorite games so far this year. Feel free to tell us your favorites so far. 

Layers Of Fear
Fire Watch 
Battlefield 1
Super Hot
Dark Souls 3
Uncharted 4
Gears of War 4
Rocket League
Salt and Sanctuary
Rise of the Tomb Raider
DeadRising 4
The Witness
Mafia 3
Turn On


Best Indie Game of the Year:

Best Multiplayer Experience:

Best Coop Game:
Gears of War 4 

Best Developer:
From Software

Best Voice Actor:
Cissy Jones

Best Indie Developer:
Artifex Mundi

Best Gaming Talk Show:
The Attack

Best Soundtrack:
Mafia 3

Best Storytelling:

Best Visual Design:
Battlefield 1

Best Horror Game of the Year:
Layers of Fear

Game of The Year:
Dark Souls 3

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Enigmatis 2: The Mists Of Ravenwood

"Enigmatis 2: The Mists Of Ravenwood"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen

Enigmatis 2 is a point and click hidden object game, brought to us once again by the developers at Artifex Mundi. There is a reason we gave these guys "Indie Developer of the Year" it is because of quality games like this. Time and time again, a Artifex Mundi game has came in to review. Time and time again our reviewers have had a blast playing them. This time is no different then the previous times.
Enigmatis 2 you play as the same female detective from the first title, hot on the trail of the evil Preacher from Maple Creek. She spots a Vacation vehicle, where she finds an adorable lost little girl in search of her parents. You spend the next several minutes aiding, and earning the scared girls trust just to have her swiped away by some demonic creature. This is how your adventure begins. Enigmatis 2 in my opinion is even better than the first. I think the storytelling and lore is delivered even more in this title. You learn a lot about the history , and reasoning for all the creepy events taking place. Enigmatis 2 is full of scary moments, storytelling, and great character development.
The hidden object games, as well as the puzzles come in bunches as well. They are not super hard to find, but you won't breeze thru them either. They seem just right where you are challenged, but not annoyed or left feeling defeated. Like the other games before, you can even skip a puzzle or do a alternate one if you find yourself stuck.
The visuals and sounds are just what you come to expect from these guys as well. Beautiful drawn environment after environment. Love the addition of the hidden objects as well, makes you stare and enjoy the beauty just a little bit longer. The music delightful as usual, and whimsical. The voice acting delivers once again.Really makes all the characters fun and intriguing to play , and learn about. As a whole I enjoyed this game a lot more than the first one, and I thought the first one was a really fun debut to the series. If you love puzzle games, and hidden object games grab this one up. They are fun to play alone, but also fun with a group of friends or family helping you on your journey.

Pros: Beautiful Art
Delightful characters
Excellent storytelling and Lore
Fun Challenging Puzzles
Achievements encourage replay
Additional DLC quest

Cons: Sometimes to simple

Overall: 8.7 Even better than the first title, Storytelling and Puzzling sure to fill a evening with fun and joy.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Exile's End

"Exile's End"

Exile's End is a side scrolling shooter, that reminds me a lot of Shadow Complex, or Bionic Commando mixed with a ton of really cool creatures like in Metroid. It really is a flash back to 90's Action Adventure games on the Super Nintendo, or Sega Genesis. It does really well, in capturing the Nostalgic feel, and bringing it to the future on current Gen consoles..
You play as Jameson a Mercenary stranded on the planet Ravenwood, while on a mission to rescue the son of the President. The game starts out feeling kind of slow , and simple. Your character feels very weak, and unable to survive. It is all intentional though, because as you grow you become more able. Like early on you can't fall but like a 10 feet without taking damage, and you find items that make you stronger. At first you can't go under water, and you find oxygen preservers. It is all set up this way by beautiful design to encourage level exploration. There are many of hidden items in this game that will encourage checking every nook and cranny. Also will more than likely encourage replay value. Even a different ending as well to do so. I believe I saw an achievement for beating it in under three hours, That will definitely be on a second or third playthrough, after you learn the lay of the land.
The game is loaded with cool creatures, and enemies all with different attacks. There are also many of other ways to die, like rigged rocks, deep water, etc. You will find yourself dying a lot at first probably, but as you go you will start to find yourself addicted to discovering the next areas. They are all designed so really well to. They all look very different, as well as all have a layout that makes you explore to find items that make it possible to advance. All the way until the end, when it becomes really challenging in your escape. I had a lot of fun with this game. It really takes me back to a lot of the games I enjoyed as a youth. This is what I enjoyed, when i wasn't able to get my hands on the new Mini Nes Classic, and I wasn't let down at all. I plan to replay it , and try to capture those last achievements today. If your a fan of nostalgic/classic side scrolling action adventure games I highly recommend you give this a go.

Pros: Awesome challenging level design
Cool Character development
Really rad weapons, and equipment
Tons of replay value
Loaded with Nostalgia

Cons: A bit short

Overall: 8.2 A great trip back in time to a different era in gaming, when Nintendo was king, and the only thing you had to worry about as a kid was picking out the coolest trapper keeper.

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