Friday, July 26, 2019

Hoggy 2

"Hoggy 2"
Reviewed by: Carless Yen
Developed By: Raptisoft Games
Published by: Ratalaika Games
Platforms: Ps4, Xbox, Vita, Switch

Hoggy 2 is a game about a a family of slimes that their children are stolen by aliens.You can choose rather to play as the mother or father slime and go on a mission to rescue your children. Your objective is to go into vases that contain a key, and collect all the fruit to be rewarded with it. There are enemies, traps, and puzzles to solve to do so. In the area with all the vases are doors blocking you from getting to the next area. You have to get so many of the keys to open that door. It's loaded with content for the value. For a game that you paid only five dollar for you get 200 levels. So it is going to keep you busy for some time. The puzzles really make you think, so you will be kept busy by this game for hours. There is also a kids version as well that is shorter and easier.
The game looks great. It kind of reminds me of a modern Bubble Bobble, a game that meant a lot to me as a child. like Bubble Bobble the levels are bright and colorful. They make you feel really good, and find a lot of enjoyment when solving the vase's puzzle and getting the key. Also like Bubble Bobble you also collect fruit. The characters, and enemies are all really adorable and fun. The music is a lot of fun as well. For the second time in two weeks Ratalaika has released a game that takes me back to "Adventures of LoLo" as well. Two of my favorite Ratalaika games to date. I just had so much fun with the last two games from them.
The achievements/trophies are fun and simple as well. you can grab them in about a hour I'd say and still have hours of fun left. This is one of those I think is great for achievement/trophy hunters but also great for every gamer. I can see a lot of people getting into this one, and children just adoring it. I say without any doubt grab this one. You certainly can't find many things in life as fun as this for five dollars. Sorry about the video been in such a rush forgot to put the score, forgot the intro and credits. Just been a really busy couple of weeks.

Pros: Bright and Colorful
Adorable characters
Music is so fun
Some What challenging
Great Value
Very affordable

Cons: Would have liked a couple more bosses.

Overall 8.0 Retro fun that is affordable and fun. You can't find a whole lot of things for five dollars more fun then the fun you will have with most these Ratalaika titles.

Ratalaika Games Raptisoft

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